14 People Who Are Obviously Making Very Questionable Life Choices

©Wikimedia Commons

These are dark times…VERY dark times. And judging by these photos, a lot of people out there need help in a major way.

Boiling your pizza? No way, José. Not on my watch.

Let’s take a look at some folks who are making some very questionable choices and might need some kind of intervention.

1. Definitely unfriend.

Ummm….Should I Unfriend? from shittyfoodporn

2. No, no, NO!

Kiwis on pizza < pears on pizza from shittyfoodporn

3. Yikes.

Ah yes, sour cream and bagels. What a lovely meal from shittyfoodporn

4. An interesting choice…

Deep Fried Gushers from shittyfoodporn

5. Or something like that…

Chips and salsa! from shittyfoodporn

6. Absolutely not.

Balogna cake with ranch cream cheese and chesse whiz from shittyfoodporn

7. All pickles, all the time.

Vegan Chick-Fil-A ?? from shittyfoodporn

8. Care for a ketchup sandwich?

Hawaiian Sweet Roll Ketchup Sandwiches (not pictured: the 10 I ate before I thought to take a photo) from shittyfoodporn

9. Are you a professional chef?

Boiling pizza is the best way to reheat it from shittyfoodporn

10. I don’t know why, either…

Y’all ain’t got s**t on this one. Cookiepizza. Don’t know why but its a thing. from shittyfoodporn

11. Totally vile.

Sushi soup. Possibly some of the most vile shit I’ve ever seen from shittyfoodporn

12. Get that out of here!

Sushi Pizza ? from shittyfoodporn

13. Looks like a nightmare.

Can someone explain what this abomination is from from shittyfoodporn

14. Mac n’ Turkey!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that these people get the help they so badly need…