14 People Who Might Be Taking the Emotional Support Animal Thing a Bit Too Far…Or Not.

Image Credit: Instagram

People have lot of opinions about emotional support animals – some believe they help people with unseen mental illnesses better face and navigate every day life, while others think it’s too easy for people to take advantage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which allows people to take their trained support animals in public places.

These pictures are of people with their emotional support animals, and well…you be the judge.

14. I would think rabbits are a bit too nervous to be giving support, but…


13. Birds are smart and all, but will he wear a diaper?


12. He looks like he could use some support of his own.


11. How though.


10. To be fair, you should ask to pet other people’s dogs anyway. #psa


9. It’s a mini horse. On a plane.


Actually, to be clear – this horse is a real service animal, not an emotional support animal. Mini horses are one of a few non-dog animals that can be trained and certified as a service animal.

8. This pupper is living the good life.


7. I’m not going to lie, I might need a mini horse.


6. Just remember he’s not a stress toy.


5. Cats. I don’t know.


4. I’m pretty sure that sitting next to a peacock would give ME anxiety.


3. Another bunny! Maybe they can just empathize really well.


2. I guess whatever slows your roll.


1. Just his beak gives me stress.


If the dogs are trained and well behaved, I say let them stay. If they’re making it harder for people with real disabilities to be able to freely take their animals in public, then we’ve got to nix it.

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