14 People Who Took Fandom to a Whole New Level

Image Credit: Twitter

It’s cool to be a fan of a celebrity, and to look up to them or wish you were like them or daydream about what it might be like to date them. That’s normal.

It’s also fine to like, write fan fiction or other time-consuming methods for expressing your daydreams.

That said, some people just blew right past the line of what is normal and appropriate – here are 14 of them.

14. There’s surgery and then there’sΒ surgery.

I’m worried there seems to be no distinction.

13. When you have to use your fridge to tweet bc your mom took away your electronics.

I had no idea this was possible.


12. What Civil Rights movement?

MLK is definitely rolling over in his grave. Again.

11. I mean, some people only have eyes for the one they love.

Stop the hate!

10. Bahaha they’re both technically right.

Don’t you just love history.

9. If you have no idea what’s happening here, I kind of wish I was you.

There’s no way to un-know some things.

8. But omg it’s not over yet.

This is one of the saddest things I’ve read in awhile.

7. The “well shit” absolutely kills me.

Of course, we still hope that she’ll be fine.

6. I’m not sure she understands what a restraining order is.

Or she doesn’t care, which is scarier.


5. Image it being your job to reply to stuff like this.

I’m not sure I would last an entire day, tbh.

4. Mall, suicide, idk.

It kind of seems like the same thing these days.

3. Yes yes listen it to it more that’s clearly the answer.

It’s not the answer omg.

2. No one is going to make fun of your person.

But at least she could admit when she was wrong.

1. I mean we can’t all be geniuses, but…

Bless her heart.

I am flabbergasted, honestly, at the time some people seem to have on their hands!

Have you ever temporarily lost your judgement like this? Admit it to us in the comments if you dare!