14 Questions It Actually Could Hurt To Ask

“It never hurts to ask,” or “you never know until you ask!” are both pretty common sayings, but I think we all know there are times when we would be better served not asking questions.

If you’re wondering what exactly we would put in this category, these 14 people have pretty strong arguments for times it would actually hurt to ask a question.

14. It’s not going to be what you think.

Firefighter/paramedic here.

We generally hate the, “what’s the worst call you’ve ever ran”

Think of the worst things you can possibly imagine and someone had to respond to that call. The sick, the injured, every trauma, every overdose, every suicide, every evil deed done by one person to another person, every accident, every dead kid, husband, wife, father, mother.

So when you ask, “what’s the worst call you’ve ever ran, we now have to relive the worst calls/moments of our lives as we try to deflect or crack a joke.”

I hate that question.

13. They were sorry they asked.

i had a friend in elementary school who was putting on a particularly heavy dose of sunscreen. some kid asked him why he’s putting on so much. he said “cuz my mom has skin cancer” and the room just became silent

12. Always classy.

“So, what’s the age of consent here?”

Bonus points if you ask this during a job interview

11. Two is the limit.

Asking someone to repeat themselves a 3rd time.

And it’s never anything important – the other person usually ends up screaming, “The grass is really wet over here!”

10. That will hurt your feelings.

“Whoa, since your dad is already dead, what are you going to do if your mom dies?”

Asked by a (drunk) friend in college. Repeatedly. It seemed more like they were trying to get a reaction out of me than anything else.

Had no recollection of it later and they were on the verge of tears when I told them they hurt my feelings, because they felt so s*%tty about it.

9. That’s a terrible phone call.

*Boss majorly f**ks up on a project, and sells it for 50% less than what he should have.*

Boss: “Contact the customer and ask him for a change order, for double the current contract value of the project.”

Me, in pain: “…ok”

8. Because you never ask for volunteers.

Actual exchange that happened when I was a cadet:

“Who here knows how to drive a quad?”

*Bunch of people raise hands

“You, you and you, come with me, you’re cleaning the latrines.”

“But what does that have to do with driving a quad?”

“Absolutely nothing. Now grab a mop and bucket..”

7. Eep.

Are we more than friends?

Reminds me of a buddy of mine who asked a girl he had been hooking up with for a few months why she didn’t have a boyfriend.

They did not communicate very well apparently, she thought he was her boyfriend.

6. Decisions need to be made.

*before a date* “Are we going to have sex tonight?”

Because if so, I’ll have the steak and a beer, but if not, I’ll have the large bean burrito and a glass of milk.

5. An upgrade.

“Could we check for gonorrhea and other STD:s now when I’m being tested for chlamydia?”

I did not know it would upgrade the procedure from simply peeing in a cup to getting a stick up my urethra.

4. Why would even one person think this was ok to ask?

My 13 year old daughter killed herself…and so many people asked how.

It has been 13 years since she left and I am in a good place. I’ve accepted that you don’t heal but you learn to carry it.

I’ve also learned to appreciate all of the years that I had her in my life and all of the wonderful memories we created…and to focus less on the experiences we were all deprived of – especially her.

I do have an unhealthy worry of her siblings, and freak out if they aren’t quick to respond. I hope someday they’ll forgive my craziness.

3. You don’t need to know.

“was she better than me?”

Just don’t do it.

2. Why are you asking?

What’s our employer’s policy on drug tests?

My buddy applied to a local ISP in the nineties and asked this exact question. It was known as a “granola” kind of place to work. The interviewer smiled wide and replied, “You bring in the drugs, and we’ll test ‘em together!”

1. A very personal question.

PreCovid, at work they would often have mobile services like blood donations park beside our building. One day I was walking with a woman at work who wanted to talk about things while getting some fresh air. There was a long period of silence when I couldn’t think of anything to talk about and I saw we were walking up to the edge of the building and a large mobile was parked there, so I asked her “Have you ever done that before?”

She looked at the mobile parked there and back at me, her face turned bright red.

“That is a very personal thing to ask!” She said, face still bright red.

“Really?” I said as we walked next to it.

Then I noticed this wasn’t a Blood Mobile.

It was a Mammogram Mobile.

I spent a lot of time over explaining myself.

Some of these just made me cringe, y’all, how about you?

What other questions would you say to never ask? If they’re not here, add them in the comments!