14 Random Posts You’ll Want To Share With Your Friends

Most of us probably can’t define what it is that makes content totally sharable – we just see it, we laugh, and we know that one or more of our friends would actually love it, too.

If you’re always looking for something giggle-worthy to pass along in your group chat(s), we think we’ve got you covered with these 14 random tweets.

14. Don’t think about it too hard.

It just doesn’t work.


13. They have zero chill sometimes.

It’s all good until you were listening to a murder podcast when it happened.

12. Hard to argue, right?

I mean…you can try if you want.

11. Dangerous, for sure.

It might be turning us into zombies.

10. They should cut off their heads.

I don’t want to look my dinner in the eye.

9. Dang it, it happened again!

No matter how many times you change it.


8. It’s not a competition.

Except of course it is. Everything is.

7. They keep showing up.

That’s an admirable quality, don’t you think?

6. Why are kids like this?

Don’t they know it’s their parents’ worst fear?

5. Just a quick recharge.

Ready to do all of the things so shape up.

4. Valid.

On all fronts if you’re a millennial.

3. Are you going to eat that?

Pickles are a very divisive food.

2. It’s more of a grand gesture, I think.

You can say you really tried.

1. What was I thinking?

Something malfunctioned in my introvert setting for a minute.


See what I mean? I’ve sent along several of these and my friends are cracking up.

Let us know in the comments which of these your friends loved the most!