14 Small, Effective Ways That People Are Doing Good Things for the Environment

©Unsplash,Markus Spiske

Many people think that we are currently in a do-or-die situation when it comes to our planet and the environment. In other words, if we don’t act now and act decisively, negative trends might never be able to be reversed. And that’s bad news for every living thing on Earth.

While it may seem daunting, every little thing that we do to push towards a greener and cleaner planet does make a difference.

So take a look at these small but effective ideas that people have put into practice and start making little changes in your everyday life.

1. Disposable bowls.

Disposable bowl made out of nothing but three pressed leaves, sturdy despite being fastened together with just a small bamboo pin. Used by street food vendors in India.
byu/9999monkeys ininterestingasfuck

2. What a unique idea.

This steel gate made up of pliers.
byu/dogmum214 inmildlyinteresting

3. Cycle for energy!

They had a bike at my school to blend a smoothie that they were handing out at lunch.
byu/_Nrpdude_ inmildlyinteresting

4. This is becoming a trend.

This office is made up of old shipping containers
byu/jw2498 inmildlyinteresting

5. Water those plants.

The water taps at this cafe drip onto plants to not waste water
byu/halfandhafu inmildlyinteresting

6. First time for everything.

This coffee cup is made from recycled coffee grounds
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7. If it can be re-used, re-use it!

This Sketchbook made from real recycled circuit boards
byu/sparaticRyan inmildlyinteresting

8. Saves a lot of paper.

My new dentist has their forms laminated to reduce paper waste by simply plugging in and wiping off.
byu/kaconal inmildlyinteresting

9. Over and over and over and…

Resealable cans of water
byu/Noremac77 inmildlyinteresting

10. Plant that tag.

The paper tag attached to my new pan can be planted to grow herbs
byu/trytoholdon inmildlyinteresting

11. Kids will like this.

My school fights littering by installing basketball hoops above trash cans
byu/Oltarus inmildlyinteresting

12. No point in throwing them away.

[deleted by user]
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13. Wow! Very cool.

This sink counter at a brewery is made with recycled beer bottles
byu/bukithd inmildlyinteresting

14. This should make them think before littering.

The beach I’m at has a list of commonly found garbage and how long it takes for it to decompose.
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Those ideas are all impressive and inspiring!

What are you doing to help out the environment and to battle climate change?

Tell us in the comments! Every little bit helps and perhaps your idea will rub off on some other people out there!