14 Smarty-Pants Memes for the Cultured Soul

Sometimes memes get a bad wrap. The academics out there might see them as a lowly form of entertainment, at worst a dangerous method of spreading misinformation and stripping complicated issues of their nuance.

But memes are only as clever as the people who make them.

So for all the philosophers and scholars out there, I offer these 14 memes for the cultured soul.

1. Philosophy, am I right?

I’m just happy this picture of Daniel Radcliff exists.

Image Credit: Laughingboy14

2. This is fun:

Why didn’t they teach it like this in school?

Image Credit: LerisDevet

3. College is all about exploring new things

Or, you know, not.

Image Credit: Kamselya

4. I can’t wait to play that video game!

The graphics looks phenomenal.

Image Credit: CodyBurkett

5. Is Dionysos my new best friend?

Yes, I think he is.

Image Credit: CodyBurkett

6. Welp

I didn’t see that one coming.

Image Credit: DistinctBridge

7. Spoilers: he picks coffee

He ended up dying in an automobile accident.

Image Credit: Steffwinn

8. I actually agree with Socrates

So sue me.

Image Credit: th3_oWo_g0d

9. Oh Diogenes

You cad, you.

Image Credit: MonkeyTail29

10. There are two types of people

People who read the footnotes and people who have a life.

Image Credit: BobbyBoljaar

11. Ecological damage matters

For the first time in my life, I am not siding with She-Ra on this one.

Image Credit: FingyDingus

12. This pretty much says it all.

You either get this or you don’t.

Image Credit: Vacarch

13. Relatable:

I’m really impressed with this young child’s comprehension level.

Image Credit: supremephilosopher

14. I will always love you blue green algae

Mostly because now I will associate you with cats.

Image Credit: sciencememes

Poor blue green algae. What are we doing focusing all our energies on planting trees? Where’s Blue Green Algae Day?

Not gonna lie, I didn’t understand all of these memes, but I assume those who are smarter than me will.

Not all of us can study Philosophy. At least some of us have to study the important things, like Theater Arts.

Which meme tickled your academic mind? Or if you’re like me, which one totally went over your head? Tell us in the comments!