14 Tasty Meme Tidbits to Snack on After Dinner

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Maybe you’re taking just a little break from work, or maybe your kids are playing quietly (for now!), or perhaps you’re just stealing a few minutes to check out from the realities that just won’t go away.

Whatever it is, if you’re looking for a quick way to reset and maybe even smile while you’re at it, these 14 little posts should do the trick!

14. Someone over the age of 50 made this poster.

And they were just trying to do the right thing, y’all. Come on.

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13. This is legitimately hilarious.

The pinata needs to be holding a sign that says #metoo.

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12. That…does not blend in with the average face.

Or any human face I’ve ever seen.

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11. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Oh, Wilford Brimley. We’ll never forget you.

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10. This made me instantly hungry.

It’s about to be Taco Anyday at my house.

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9. I mean that has to be it.

Why did anyone think setting an alarm was a good idea?

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8. This is all I’m going to think when I see this picture now.

Which, honestly, is probably what they were off to do, too.

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7. And, like the Muppets, we just keep letting Animal back inside.

He’s your friend, what are you gonna do?

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6. Such a rare and beautiful moment.

What’s really happening in this picture, though?

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5. The whole site is a Dumpster fire.

Why are we all still on there again?

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4. Sometimes the wholesome answer is the right one.

Also, why does it seem like we’re missing a dirty joke here?

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3. We all have to draw our lines in the sand, right?

This should easily narrow down your Tinder matches, though.

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2. Y’all what is happening here.

Why is this a thing that exists?

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1. Everyone loves a good Venn diagram.

And this is a GREAT Venn diagram.

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I’m loving these!

I can’t decide which is my favorite – what do you think? Tell me in the comments!