14 Things People Really Can’t Stand About Modern Life

At every point in history, people could have found some very valid things to complain about – and even though our modern society clearly has a leg up when it comes to global markets and things like sanitation, there’s no doubt we’re still getting other things totally wrong.

These 14 people have some pretty valid gripes of their own, despite the fact that we can talk to anyone we want anytime we want, and also that we can get food and groceries delivered to our doors.

Go figure.

14. The internet.

The internet could have been this great thing that allowed people to find new ideas and learn novel perspectives from countless people. Instead, it’s turned into a countless number of isolated bubbles full of people who all believe the same thing within their bubbles.

It allows people to isolate themselves into communities of people who already agree with them.

Once you’re in, all you see is people agreeing with you and you think you MUST be perfect in your thinking because “everyone else” agrees with you. It keeps festering until anyone who doesn’t agree is a threat.

13. It’s really loud here.

Social media is like an open mic night where everyone has a mic.

And they’re all shouting at the same time.

And half of them are absolutely wasted and don’t even think before they speak.

12. It’s not new, but…

Politics getting into science.

If anything science has risen closer to having an even playing field these days. At least we aren’t deciding if we orbit around the sun based on our opinions anymore.

Even worse is corporate profits getting in the way of science. If its not profitable it doesn’t get funded.

11. All talk no action.

People exploit social issues and mental health awareness on social media and pretend to care by making posts about them saying they care and are there for those people, but they only make those posts to make themselves look good publicly.

The fact is most of them do absolutely nothing to help in their personal lives and they often ignore and turn their backs on the very people they publicly claim to care about and have empathy for.

Actions speak louder than words.

10. The division.

I hate, hate how we are constantly being divided every which way we can.

We’re all human regardless of our differences, and given the fact that in this day and age we have yet to find life on other planets, we should consider our selves extremely lucky and start treating life as precious as it is.

9. It’s such an easy thing to fix.

Littering. I see ppl throw small bits of trash out their windows constantly. It makes me furious.

8. Too much work, all the time.

How everything revolves around companies/businesses etc. Our whole lives rely on working and everything we see and do involves a business. I would like to see more leisure and family focus in the world.

Plus the constant pressure to start a business yourself to have a shot at financial freedom. It really sucks that for most people, the situation of going to work, getting home and being done, and eventually retiring, is unavailable or just gone.

It may still be possible in some difficult to get into jobs, but for most people all you hear is “start a business so you can be financially free and retire early!”

7. The technology in general.

As an elder millenial, it’s crazy to think about how simple and easy-going things were when I was a kid in the ’80s and ’90s.

It truly makes the present times seem absolutely horrible. Especially the last decade. I blame most of it on technology. The anxiety of constant connectivity. The phones are like a ball and chain. Or a curse. Make one mistep and all the cameras that surround you will put it on the internet forever. You MUST BE CONNECTED AT ALL TIMES or you are an outcast. Assimilate!

I hope the afterlife is some metaphysical dream where it’s the best parts of like 1998 or something. I had just got my first car. Gas was cheap. Alt-rock was on the radio. There were 50 million less people on the roads. Just let me cruise down that dream highway.

6. They do seem to be disappearing.

It’s illegal to pee and poop outside, but it’s impossible to find public bathrooms in many modern cities. What are people supposed to do?

5. Life isn’t like television.

I don’t know about the whole world, but this is for sure in the US.

The combination of social media and reality tv seems to be leading people to believe they are like the main character in life, and that they have an audience. Like life is now a reality tv show and they are stars online

4. No one is nice.

The lack of empathy everyone seems to have, like some people care more about being “right” than actually having a conversation and they’re so close minded it drives me nuts!

3. It’s not your imagination.

How expensive it’s getting to survive.

Like sometimes when I work overtime I would be like, I work soooo hard but to what end? I do have goals which I am saving for but seriously the basic needs alone makes it hard to save up.

2. Too much focus on money.

So many people will harm/kill others just for a measly amount of money. Even worse a lot just do it for the fun of it, the money wouldn’t even matter to them.

Every software company I get hired at they are scamming their customers and nobody at the company cares. I use to change jobs, but now I just have to find one that scams the least because they all do in my industry.

1. It’s pretty wild.

How people think their opinions are like facts and if people don’t feel the same way they’re the enemy. Social media has made people’s opinion so much more important than they should be. But this is just my opinion lol.

“Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge. ‘”

-Isaac Asimov

We definitely still have some work to do as a species, but I’m not too sure how likely it is that we’ll get it done before the next big extinction event.

I’m just saying.

If you’ve got a gripe that should be on this list but isn’t, drop it in the comments!