We all have our pet peeves in this life, but some of them don’t always seem like they should be subjective. There are things that, if everyone stopped doing them right now, the whole world would be better off – so why aren’t more of us lobbying for that?

These 14 people make some pretty good argument for what people should stop doing for the good of us all, and I have to say, I think it’s pretty hard to argue.

14. A shameful practice.

Corporations owning single family homes and jacking up rent so no one can afford to live.

13. It’s a waste of time.

Cold callers.

Wasting people’s time, disrupting what they are doing, and telling them any shit they want to hear because they are on commission.

It’s bad enough having commercials lying or bending the truth every day without having human commercials knocking or phoning you up and doing the same.

12. This one made me laugh.

People using pigeon noises in place of lyrics or actual musical instruments. It’s horrible. Whole damn songs where the whole thing is just some Glee club pansies going “whoooo-ooooo-ooooo-ooooo” for five minutes straight.

It’s soulless and wrong. I’d rather listen to a f**king kazoo concert.

11. Unless we all get an eye bleach afterward.

All the AskReddit threads about sex.

Half of AskReddit are just sex questions now. Pics has turned into a mix of a political soapbox and fishing for compliments.

10. Pretty gross, when you think about it.

The ability for people in government to have financial investments relating to the bills they pass.

9. It’s not going to end well.

Deforestation, in general. There is an emerging body of evidence that forestland plays a crucial role in overland precipitation, and that mass deforestation has played a direct role in the unprecedented, long-term drought conditions we are seeing in the western half of North America. One very compelling model shows that coastal forests used to generate what is called a “biotic pump” in which (long story short) more ocean water evaporation gets pulled into overland rainfall, thus playing a crucial role in maintaining inland freshwater reservoirs and waterways, which are now frighteningly low and no longer replenishing faster than we use them.

We are starting to see changes in precipitation over the rainforests of the Amazon now as well. A number of models show that logging and mining has now reduced the size of the Amazon so severely that if it gets any smaller, it will no longer be at the critical mass required to influence precipitation. South America now too is at risk of unprecedented drought as a direct, if previously unrealized, consequence of deforestation.

Source: I am an atmospheric physicist currently studying the effects of deforestation on overland precipitation. This my job. I…should probably get off of Reddit and back to pulling up research papers on this exact topic.

8. Racism Part Deux.

For profit prisons. There’s absolutely no good reason to privatize prison, and a bunch of reasons not to do so.

7. Breeding for companion animals, period.

Breeding and buying unhealthy dog breeds.

The number of people who say they love animals but are willing to prioritize cuteness over an animal’s health, happiness and lifespan is shameful.

6. Remember kids are dealing with underdeveloped brains.

TikTok challenges that may threaten people’s life. The milk crate challenge, for example, involves them running over a stack of milk crates shaped like a triangle. Unless you use some glue, those crates are like a crumbling tower, collapsing at the slightest impact.

These can destroy a child’s life, and therefore should stop immediately.

5. I guess we can dream.


And lobbyists!

4. Where do we sign?

Meetings that could easily be emails.

3. An argument can certainly be made.

Spiderman!! He’s a menace to this city and must be stopped.

2. Explain it to me.

Being required to come into my office again since my job can more easily be done from home.

1. It’s not selfish.

People who aren’t ready for parenthood having children, you are helping NO ONE. If you are forced into it this also needs to stop, however you are not to blame.

Yes. Let’s stop doing all of these things like, yesterday.

And if we could also teach people how to zipper merge at the same time, that would be great.