We all have secrets. Sometimes they’re things that embarrass us, things we don’t know how to fix, or just things we know but wish that we didn’t.

Those things can be hard to confess to people who know us – people who have opinions of us, who love what they think they know, and whose ideas we don’t want to change.

The internet is full of safe strangers, though, and so these 14 people are jumping at the chance to confess to Reddit.

14. A deep, old secret.

I want to get married.

It’s my deepest wish but when the subject comes up my romantic and childhood insecurities take over and I speak ill of marriage.

Bill Burr admitted on a podcast with Russell Brand that he routinely made fun of marriage even though he deeply wanted to get married and have a family himself.

It was his dysfunctional upbringing that made him feel uncomfortable with vulnerable emotions.

13. Youth is wasted on the young.

I learned not long ago that I was my late grandfather’s favorite grandson, but until that time really didn’t think a lot about him, to the point where I thought that him dying the first was the best case scenario.

Now I’m just trying to find him again in my memories and I feel like a pure a$$hole.

12. This isn’t going to end well.

That I’m still in love with my friend despite him thinking otherwise…

11. More people do this than you think.

That i have the urge to pack my bags walk out of my parents house at night and start a new life and leave the old one behind.

10. Talk to someone.

I don’t think I experience compassion or empathy like other people but I’m too scared to ask if that’s normal.

I struggle with displaying proper emotions. Growing up I was taught emotions were bad and would get physically punished for getting emotional (scared, angry, sad). I’m sort of off on my emotions.

9. Embrace the joy.

I’m pregnant!

But I’ve lost 3 babies already, so I’m really scared about telling people this time.

8. Living scared.

It’s almost certain that i’m gonna die fairly young, way before most of my family members, and it scares the living s*%t out of me.

And breaks my heart simultaneously.

I know how I would feel if I had to experience one of my siblings or a parent dying (and hope I never have to experience that) and I hate that they’re all going to have to feel that feeling when I die first. even though i’m the youngest.

And holy f**king shit am I scared of death. F**k cancer man.

7. People act like it’s so easy.

I’ve been unemployed for almost 3 years and I feel like such a f**king failure.

I’m so close to being out of savings and I can’t get a single interview.

6. This makes me sad.

I am not an introvert, I am an extrovert, I like being with others, and it fills me with energy.

But I am not invited to much, so I just pretend that I don’t even want to go anywhere.

5. What’s done is done.

I completely f**ked up my relationship. I was hurting her so bad and I didn’t even realize at the time. It kills me to realize now how bad of a person I am.

Led me to having a complete breakdown as I felt I couldn’t reconcile my actions during the relationship with who I perceived myself to be as a person.

What’s done is done but you can still change and be a better person going forward. The only thing that got me through that and back to some semblance of moving forward with my life was staring deep into my negative traits and making active changes in my person for the better.

It hurt like f**k to do as a lot of it was me having to push myself out of the comfort zone that my negative traits afforded me but I can now afford a level of confidence in myself and know I’ll never treat anyone like that ever again. Tripped up a few times and made a few mistakes along the way but self-improvement is a difficult hill to climb!

There’s clearly a good person in you otherwise you wouldn’t be having this realisation. Move forward, work on yourself and reconcile your feelings by making active changes in your life and behaviour for the better. That’s the best thing you can afford to give to both yourself and the person you’ve hurt.

4. A dark place.

The extent of my mental health problems. I make jokes in real life about feeling anxious and depressed, but I downplayed it a lot to something everyone experienced. For almost an entire year I masked my severe depressive episode.

I’m completely honest on Reddit about the dark place I was in. I felt ashamed in real life… (something I would never tell my friends if they were in the same situation)… and I’m a psychologist.

3. Focus on yourself.

I want to be back in love with someone and I’m trying my best here, but we haven’t been speaking to each other for sometime and it’s really bumming me out.

At the same time I’m trying to build a life for myself. It’s been a slow progress but sometimes it feels like I’m still in the same place.

2. Find some support.

I’m fat and getting fatter. I know what I need to do lose weight, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

It’s getting to the point that I can feel how unhealthy it is, I feel disgusting and know it’s going to cause major problems, but I still can’t do anything about it.

1. I hate that this is a thing.

I have generalised anxiety disorder, and it’s gotten worse especially since the brutal lockdowns we had, it’s impacting my work life but I don’t want to make my employer aware of my condition.

There you have it, people. Go and unburden yourself to the faceless masses.

It just might make you feel better.