14 Things We All Agree Makes You A Jerk

Here’s the thing. I think we can all agree that the 14 things listed below makes people totally jackoffs and unworthy of a functional place in society. That said, I don’t think that anyone who commits any of these actions would actually care, you know?

That said, it’s important that the ostracized know exactly what they did to earn their ousting, so let’s take a look at the things society just won’t tolerate from decent people.

14. They have no more control than you do.

Disrespecting any middle man for stuff out of their control.

Such as waitresses for bringing uncooked food or store employees for items being out of stock. (For the record I work in customer service industry)

13. It’s totally on purpose.

Passing somebody only to go slower than they were going.

I really hate when people on a cross street pull out in front of me then drive under the speed limit. Why such a rush to get on the road then go so slow once you’re on. Uggghhhh

12. Be less of a perv.

Flipping thru pictures on someone else’s phone when they show you one.

A work colleague tried that and then loudly made fun of me for having risqué photos of myself.

Another colleague told them to f**k off and be less of a perv. I enjoyed that day.

11. That kid did not go far in life.

Once we had a school trip to a theater to watch a movie. One kid, named Drew, threw an entire bucket of popcorn up in the air towards the front of the theater.

It looked pretty cool, because it sparkled when the projector was hitting the popcorn. But what the fuck man? Talk about an asshole move.

10. Did your mother teach you nothing?

Getting in the elevator before others have exited.

9. This is going too far.

A friend owned an acreage he rented out to a “nice family”. They lived there for five years and acquired a lot of critters. I stopped in here and there since I was a farm girl and could do small repairs and check on things.

The tenants suddenly moved without much notice one summer, but my friend was fine with their sudden departure since they’d been good tenants and he was ready to do some renovations. I stopped in (on my friend’s request) because he lived hours away to check the mail. I had a weird feeling, like an odd energy. I realized that animals were till around – the yard dogs came to greet me, and I could see sheep and goats frantically milling around the near fence.

The small penned animals nearest the house (chickens, rabbits) were all dead in their pens so I panicked and started checking the others.

I went to the barnyard.

The barn cats and dogs were somewhat okay, but many of the animals (goats, sheep, alpaca) that were locked in the barn and paddock were severely dehydrated since they had no water for at least a few days. It looked like someone had put out buckets in addition to a small trough but they’d all been knocked over or emptied. All were dry. Many of the young and older animals were on the ground and listless. I filled every water vesicle I could find from the house (couldn’t find a hose). The horses (and one donkey) were fine since they had access to a bigger water source (a pond) and had grazing.

I called a friend who is a vet assistant and we spent the afternoon rehydrating animals and treating them for other neglect-related issues. It was heart breaking.

The tenants had been gone about two weeks and didn’t even bother telling anyone – not even the landlord – that they had abandoned close to thirty animals. For some, the water ran out quickly and they died horrible deaths. For others, we came too late and they were too dehydrated to save. One died probably because when I gave them water to drink, they drank too quickly/too much. Some (most) were okay and we re-homed them once they were healthy again.

If I hadn’t stopped in that day, so many more would’ve died. I was so angry. Still am.

8. This is oddly gross.

Mine would probably be, giving away your kids new pet because you got angry at the father of the kids.

If this sounds oddly specific it’s because it is.

7. Happens way too often.

Knocking off a lesser known artist’s work and making money off of it.

Literally what happened to my mother in her entire career as a textile designer. It really upset her.

6. It’s just so lazy.


I’m not sure where you live but in Australia you can register as a litter reporter. If you see someone (especially from a vehicle) you can dob them in and they will get fined.

I take great pleasure in being a registered litter dobber.

5. You won’t get what you want.

Being disrespectful to employees while expecting the utmost respect in return.

4. A huge betrayal.

To throw one under the bus with something personal one has shared.

3. Laziness abounds.

Ditching frozen or refrigerated food on grocery store shelves.

2. Just be honest.


Betrayal is deep. To trust someone that can easily lie to your face without any conscience- there’s no coming back from that.

It’s just so unnecessary. and it’s equally as bad all around whoever does it- partner, family, friend. no coming back from being betrayed.

1. Not the books!

Leaving boogers in library books.

You’d be surprised what people leave in library books… Chicken wings were my personal favorite in my time working there.

Don’t do any of these things and then we won’t have to make you feel like a worthless pile of garbage, hmm?

What other things belong on this list? Let us know in the comments if we missed something!