14 Times Mechanics Dealt With Some Crazy Problems

What’s the absolute weirdest thing that’s ever happened to your car?

Think about it for a minute…I’ll wait…

Well, I bet whatever you came up with doesn’t compare to the photos you’re about to see. And, luckily for us, these mechanics were smart enough to take some snapshots because they knew they were seeing some strange stuff.

Let’s see what kind of odd things they witnessed…

1. This is kind of insane.

I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Surprised it didn’t explode into the shop
byu/opstarfish inJustrolledintotheshop

2. Hey o! I see what you did there!

I hope all the birdies are doing okay.

When I saw this I told her it wasn’t going to be cheep
byu/Killshifft inJustrolledintotheshop

3. Whisked away to safety!

Meowsers! That was close!

Just pulled this out of a customers car between the grill and condenser.
byu/savannahaleigh inJustrolledintotheshop

4. Just what you want to see every morning.

What a great way to start the day.

Just in for an inspection & was greeted with this…
byu/W-h3x inJustrolledintotheshop

5. This isn’t weird, it’s just awesome.

I’d love to have a car like this.

86 Yota. 211k miles. In mint condition.
byu/Ops-Salvation inJustrolledintotheshop

6. I’m surprised he made it all the way.

There sure are a lot of bad drivers out there.

Guy drove in like this. Another reason why we are essential.
byu/FireChickens inJustrolledintotheshop

7. Where could they be?

Also, what the hell is going on in this car?

C/S Lost his keys… I wonder why
byu/Gurboza inJustrolledintotheshop

8. This is amazing!

May the Schwartz be with you. Spaceballs!

Had an interesting tailgate come in today
byu/Nichalishis inJustrolledintotheshop

9. I’ve never seen that before!

Good thing you were there to help her out.

A sweet old lady asked me to apply her 2018 license plate decal today as she couldn’t kneel down to do it herself anymore.
byu/Johnmj6363 inJustrolledintotheshop

10. This is my nightmare.

Especially the EDM part…

Customer states “I played EDM once and now my car won’t stop pretending it’s at a rave”
byu/ImHereForAdvise inJustrolledintotheshop

11. Just jimmy it in there…

It’ll start eventually.

An actual “key” supplied by a customer.
byu/leftovernoise inJustrolledintotheshop

12. Sir, we have a big problem.

Well, that sure is different.

Customer was wondering why when he started his car this morning, it sounded different. He didn’t understand it when I told him he had been robbed.
byu/tonyxwing74 inJustrolledintotheshop

13. I’m outta here, can you fix this?

Well, now what?

Rental car came back like this “had a plane to catch”
by inJustrolledintotheshop

14. Fast and furious.

Be careful out there, speed demon!

Ya think
byu/sisson64 inJustrolledintotheshop

Have you ever had any crazy problems with your car?

Or maybe you work in car repair and you’ve seen some weird sh*t?

If so, please share your stories with us in the comments. Thanks!