14 Times Your Favorite Actors From “Parks and Rec,” “The Office,” and “Friends” Broke From Laughter

There’s nothing quite like watching a blooper reel for your favorite show or movie.

We’re so accustomed to seeing actors play their characters, sometimes we forget those actors are people too. With crazy filming schedules that sometimes leave them sleep-deprived and slap happy.

When an actor makes a mistake or breaks character, it’s actually pretty funny, as demonstrated in these 15 bloopers from “Parks and Rec,” “The Office,” and “Friends.”

1. Chris Pratt isn’t always as wholesome as his beloved character, Andy Dwyer:

Chris Pratt from Parks and Rec makes an NSFW (albeit, humorous) ad-lib in response to Ann’s line, “Everyone loves a good come back story.”

2. I never realized the word “arse” could be so funny:

In Friends, guest actor Jennifer Coolidge’s painful, but hilarious, fake English accent has Lisa Kudrow in stitches.

3. I wish this take hadn’t been left out of the episode:

On The Office, Steve Carell invents “poopball” while improvising a confessional as his character Michael Scott.

4. It’s all Amy:

Enjoy this blooper stream from Parks and Rec, in which Amy Poehler can’t keep it together, and it causes everyone else to crack up.

5. You know the song!

In Friends, Lisa Kudrow tries to sing along to David Schwimmer’s painful and insulting attempt at playing the bagpipes. The result is so hilarious, nobody can keep a straight face.

6. Who wants to go home, when work is this much fun?

In The Office, Leslie David Baker’s enthusiastic line delivery makes Steve Carell laugh so hard he cries, and I’m right there with him.

7. Bounce, bounce, bounce, buh-bounce:

On the set of Parks and Rec, Ben Schwartz has Retta unable to keep a straight face as he riffs.

8. Courteney Cox absolutely cannot play ping pong:

I don’t know which is more ridiculous, Courtney Cox’s hair or the complete craziness that is this scene, with guest star Paul Rudd, on Friends.

9. Boys will be awkward:

In Parks and Rec, Aziz Ansari and Adam Scott are total dumb boys during this NSFW moment. Somehow they are still charmingly adorable.

10. PIVOT!

I bet you’ll remember this iconic scene from Friends, in which everyone loses their sh^t trying to carry this couch up a narrow flight of stairs. They’re almost having too much fun.

11. Evil hobbitsis?

In The Office, Dwight is supposed to be writing a poem for Angela, but Rainn Wilson can’t keep it together. Angela will not be pleased.

12. The face he makes when he stands up:

In this hilarious blooper from Friends, Matt LeBlanc trips on set and Matthew Perry is not going to miss an opportunity to make fun of him.

13. Right in the eye:

In this scene from The Office, Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson cannot get through this line. You have to wonder, was this the tail end of a 10-hour shoot, or is every moment on set this silly?

14. Just Joey being Joey:

In Friends, Matt LeBlanc finds away to make everything sexual, and the result is hilarious.

It’s nice to be reminded that the celebrities we admire are human, and make mistakes just like us.

Seeing those blooper clips can make you feel closer to the actors. Like you’re seeing them be their true selves in a moment of total vulnerability and freedom.

Which clip above is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!