14 “Truth Facts” That Are Painfully True

People and their experiences are unique enough that there really are no “universal truths,” per se. That said, there are truths that apply to the majority of people with human DNA, but pinning those down can be pretty tough.

Unless you’re Instagram account @truthfactsofficial, because every single graphic they post seems to be right on, at least for me.

Check out these 14 infographics and let us know whether or not it’s true for you, too!

14. We just want to be safe.

Just in case we’re the statistic.

13. For better or worse…

Let’s hope your partner has a job they like most of the time.

12. Funny how that works.

Why do our brains hate us?

11. It’s a mixture, really.

A potpurri.

10. Selfies are tough to edit, I guess.

Even in exotic locales. And Starbucks.

9. So much truth.

That’s why we’ve all gained the Covid 19.

8. You want to ride that center line.

Unless there’s an emergency for real.

7. Absolutely ancient.

Though the look in the mirror really shocks me some mornings.

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6. Your weekend plans in one graph.

Maybe add some Hulu in there just for fun.

5. I thought I was the only one.

The next step is to get “there’s something you left behind!” emails.

4. “Extreme situations.”

My, how the human race has fallen.

3. We need all the brain cells we can get.

Age is going to steal them little by little anyway.

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2. One of those things is easier to heal.

Because that sugar addiction is going to be hard to kick.

1. Trying not to sob.

There’s always next year. Or the year after that.

I can’t imagine anyone not agreeing with these, but maybe I’m super basic.

What do you think? We want to know down in the comments!