14 Truths People Think Are Hard To Hear

As humans, we really like to hear good news. We like to talk about the positive aspects of the world, of our personalities, and to discuss the truths about the world that work in our favor.

On the flip side, we tend to avoid hearing the truths – and learning the associated lessons – that make us uncomfortable with the lives we lead, however inevitable they may be.

And whether or not you like to hear them, there’s no arguing that these 14 things aren’t absolutely true.

14. It doesn’t go away, but it does get easier.

Time doesn’t heal wounds, it builds scar tissue.

13. You can’t always be happy.

Happiness is a fleeting emotion, not a constant state of being to set as a goal.

Your happiness is your own responsibility through enjoyable actions, not reliant on others to fulfill.

12. It’s inevitable.

We are all gonna die.

Not only that, EVERYONE will forget you ever existed. You won’t even be a memory.

I always think it’s more interesting that, not only will you die and be forgotten, but eventually the Earth and our entire solar system will cease to exist. Our entire existence as we know it while we’re alive will one day be nothing more than star dust again.

11. You can still lose even if you try your hardest.

It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not weakness, that is life.

10. A freaky paradox.

Life is short.

But also far from over. It’s a paradox

9. They’ll probably be cute eventually.

Not all babies are cute.

After shadowing a nurse in postpartum I can tell you that she told everyone their baby was the cutest baby and imo she was lying to 3/4 of those moms.

8. All of the decisions you’ve made.

You are where you are in life because of how you have reacted and responded to every decision you have made.

This is a general rule, some people have trauma and circumstances shoved on them that they can’t escape so barring those with that disclaimer (so your average person), it can generally be held up.

7. Take care of the things that matter.

It just takes a second to destroy what has taken years or even centuries to make.

6. There is no order.

Life is as much unfair and unjust as it is possible for it to be

Fairness and justice are human constructs in an attempt to place a sense of order on disorder.

Life just IS. A person steers from where they start, and no one chooses where/how they start.

5. Related.

There are some people who just are NOT going to like you. And you will have done nothing to deserve, cause or warrant it. Its not your fault.

You can’t make someone love you if they don’t.

4. Just a few bad months, for most of us.

You are much closer to being poor and homeless than you are to being super rich.

3. Sometimes it just is.

Not everything happens “for a reason” or because of something you have (or have not) done.

Sometimes, things in life and the Universe go sideways and it’s just your time to be caught in the crossfire.

I was telling my friend this when they were like “everything happens for a reason”…things in life just happen, sometimes there’s no reason for it.

2. Learn to say it out loud.

you’re not always right, especially in arguments.

I hate it when someone is so confident they’re right that when you present the with facts to just throw insults at you.

1. You’ll find your timing eventually.

You’re never funny if you force it, you just become insufferable.

The sooner we face the tough truths, though, the sooner we can reset our lives and expectations around them.

And that’s not a bad thing.

Drop the truths you think are hard to hear in the comments!