13 Very Sophisticated Literature Tweets for the Well-Read

Source: @yoiain on Twitter

Book people are the best people.

They’re also my people, which is why I’m so excited about sharing this list of funny, insightful, pithy tweets about our very favorite things.

Book people are also also hilarious, as is evidenced below – so get ready for a big ol’ grin that just won’t quit.

13. I feel like this would definitely get you an A.

12. She knew it was coming.

11. I’m pretty sure this is historically accurate.

10. Seriously what was wrong with him?

9. I just groaned and snorted at the same time.


8. Strictly speaking there’s nothing wrong with old books though.


7. I want to say YTA, but…

6. Some of us have made real accomplishments in this life.

5. Cathy Catherine Cath Linton Heathcliff.

4. Publishing, man. It never changes.

3. And we’ve all chosen Harry Potter, clearly.

2. Why am I not surprised?


1. No way this dude had friends.

I love each and every one of these, and also think I need to step up my Twitter game!

Which was your favorite? Share with us in the comments – and tell us what your favorite book-related account is while you’re at it!