Guy Builds VHS ‘Store’ in His Basement and it Looks Completely Legit

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Call me crazy, but I still collect VHS tapes and I refuse to get rid of my collection from when I was young. Why, you ask? Because there are just too many great movies that are only available on VHS. So I’m certain my collection will be with me until I’m six feet under.

A guy named Nick Collins knows exactly where I’m coming from. Collins is a fan of the VHS medium and he decided to do something that I think is totally amazing: he built a video store in his basement that he calls “Nostalgia Video.”


Collins used to collect vintage games and then he moved into the video world after he was done with his game collection. He said he was inspired by a YouTuber named James Rolfe, who is also known as the “Angry Video Game Nerd.” Rolfe built a video store in his basement and Collins decided to follow suit and even used Rolfe’s blueprints to build his own shrine to VHS movies.

And this place looks awesome. As someone who spent his entire childhood wandering around video stores looking at movie covers, this really brought me back. Get a load of this place!


Collins said about his movie tastes,

“My favorite genres are horror and comedy, and some of my favorites are The Monster Squad, Halloween 3, Son in Law, and The Cable Guy.”

I can’t get over how legit this place looks!


Here’s a crazy video of the finished product.

Bravo Nick! In fact, I think I need to pay this guy a visit to check out his collection!

What about you? Would you take a trip to Nick’s basement? What would you rent? Let us know in the comments!