An 8-Year-Old Boy Beat Stage 4 Brain Cancer at a Tennessee Hospital


Back in 2016, Cameron Scott was playing in his family’s house in North Carolina when, like a lot of kids do, he took a tumble down the stairs. His parents didn’t think about it too much until Cameron started to complain about back pain. His mom and dad took him to the doctor where the little boy was given an X-ray that showed nothing and was given some pain pills.

Two days later at school, Cameron couldn’t walk and his father was called to come and get him. This time around, an MRI showed that Cameron had a brain tumor. The boy had surgery but doctors realized that the cancer had spread and Cameron now had several tumors on his brain and his spine.

The boy had to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments at St. Jude in Tennessee for several months, which he completed in July 2017.

Cameron was declared cancer-free when his treatments were done and the Scott family never even received a bill from the hospital for travel, food, or housing because St. Jude is a very different kind of hospital. They believe that families should never have to worry about anything other than caring for their children and supporting them through the difficult and stressful treatments.

Cameron’s father said,

“He’s running now. For him to run now? Well, we just hope the teachers will bear with him. Because you’re not supposed to run in the halls. That’s something kids take for granted.

But he’s going to be running. And he’ll deal with it if he gets in trouble. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled.”

St. Jude even tweeted about it!

And here’s a nice video from the Today show that talks about Cameron’s inspiring story.

Way to go Cameron! Stay strong and stay healthy out there!

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