If You’re a ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Fan, These Funny Tweets Are for You


Have you seen the TV show Schitt’s Creek yet? It’s a hilarious show from Canada that was created by legendary comedian Eugene Levy and his son, Dan.

The misadventures of the Rose family as chronicled through the show have given it a serious cult following.

Let’s see some funny tweets about this popular show. If you know, you know.

1. It’s all true.

2. There she is.

3. Thoughts about this?

4. Ewww David.

5. Let that sink in.

6. That’s Moira Rose!

7. I think we know…

8. Vroom, Vroom.

9. All the acronyms.

10. Positively bedeviled.

I need to start binge-watching this show ASAP.

Are you a Schitt’s Creek fan?

Let us know in the comments and tell us what your favorite episode or moment is from the show, please!