14 Tweets That Sum up That Awful Moment When You Run into Someone from High School

Image Credit: Twitter

As a self-professed hermit and also someone who spends most of her days and nights looking after two young boys (and one husband), I can state with one-hundred-percent certainty that I am never prepared to run into someone from high school when I leave the house.

I’m wearing the same clothes I’ve had on for at least two days, there’s some kind of bodily fluid or food smear on it that isn’t mine, and let’s face it, if I liked you that much in high school we’d still be friends.

So, it’s pretty much always awful when you run into someone with a face you know you’re supposed to recognized and a name that’s lodged in waaay the back of your sleep-deprived brain.

Here are 14 people who totally, 100% nail that terrible moment on the head.

14. Except scarier because the ghosts are real.

13. If only it were always that easy.


12. Small talk is the worst.

11. You don’t have to live this way.

10. Just say no.

9. One you lose as often as you win.

8. Did I get bigger or did this pole get smaller?

7. They never show those moments in Hallmark movies.

6. The most accurate depiction ever.

5. That was a close one.

4. And yet you’re still never fully prepared.

3. Can’t we just come to a mutual agreement?


2. I think it must take years to hone.

1. A million dollar idea.

I’m so not looking forward to the next time this happens to me.

How do you handle this? Do you hide in the bread aisle? Put on a fake smile and start coming up with an excuse to stop talking before you start? Share you tricks with us in the comments!