14 Tweets With Plot Twists You Never Saw Coming

A good plot twist can really make or break a movie, television show, book, or play – you never see it coming until it’s too late, and the good ones will just rock you to your core.

These 14 tweets are proof that you don’t even need a long setup for the twist to come packing a punch, either.

14. I’m sure it was a tough choice.

Probably. Maybe. Okay, probably not.

13. I think that’s your answer.

You should have asked them to begin with…

12. How inhumane for the rats.

Imagine cleaning every single day.

11. I think we all know what the dog is going to say.

And yeah, it’s nothing.

10. Dad jokes are the best jokes.

You can’t not laugh.

9. Oooh, shot down.

He would have asked for the kiss from a prettier person.

8. That seems like the start of a good story.

Or at least an unexpected one.

7. Fair enough.

There’s a lot not to like.


6. Credit where credit is due.

Magic is…never sexy, though.

5. He knew that skill would come in handy some day.

And some how.


4. Maybe they’re better off.

They didn’t have to listen to your jokes.

3. Kill the word actually from your vocabulary.

Or be killed.

2. The answer is definitely no.

Come on. You know I’m right.

1. I’m still lol’ing at this one.

Just wait a minute…


My personal favorite is in the movie Skeleton Key. It’s perfect for spooky season, too!

What’s your favorite plot twist? Or you favorite twist in a plot.

Share it with us in the comments!