There is no in between: dogs either love taking baths or absolutely hate it.

And these 15 photos show the range of emotions they experience.

Do any of these pictures remind you of your pooch at bath time?

1. Not a fan

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I got a BATH yesterday. I do not enJoy baths, but I’m very polite and stand patiently in the tub until it’s over. . . PD: The photos show me (a black poodle) in various states of bathtime. The first is of me after I get out of the run with a grey towel drawled over my head and shoulders. My face is still wet and I look very concerned. The second and third photos are of me in the white tub during my bath, where I am wet and my curly hair is all messed up. My fabric collar was taken off and I wear a silver training collar. The fourth photo is of me in the tub, but right before the water starts up. I am still soft and fuzzy, with my tail fluffy and dry. You can see the shower hose attachment coming down from the shower head. The final photo is of me after I’ve been all dried up, sitting in front of wooden kitchen cabinets on a light yellow hardwood floor. I am smiling and fuzzy once again! . . . . . . . . . . . #standardpoodle #blackpoodlesofinstagram #poodlesofinstagram #blackdogsofinstagram #standardpoodlesofinstagram #standardpoodlepuppy #poodlepuppy #blackpoodlepuppy #blackstandardpoodle #bathtime #dogsinbaths #puppybathtime #tubpuppy #wetdog

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2. Bewildered

3. Doghawk

4. Resigned to what comes next

5. Bundled up

6. Cute!

7. Can I join you?

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I was trying to have a relaxing bath…

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8. Indifferent maybe?

9. Where’s that duck?

10. Full house

11. Bath buddies

12. Swimmin’

13. Likes it!

14. Good boy!

15. Looks pretty happy

Okay, the trauma is over now…