15 Adorable Snake Pictures That Might Help You Conquer Your Fear

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Time for some real talk: I don’t like snakes. In fact, they really scare me. I’m kind of like Indiana Jones in that way. I mean, I’m not quite as bad as Indy, but that doesn’t mean I’m good. See what I’m saying here?

But wait, these extremely cute snake photos might cure me!

I need this. You need this. WE NEED THIS.

1. Get a load of that

Snake with a unicorn hat
by inaww

2. Hello!

Happy Snek & Happy Human
byu/Krillin_Died inaww

3. Cute

Baby Asian Vine Snake!!
byu/DawnOfArkham inaww

4. Good lookin’ creature

A snake with a pumpkin on its back…
by inpics


Young Ground Snake in my wedding ring

6. Workin’ hard

Snakes Like Warm Computers Too
byu/Noerdy inpics

7. Oh, come 0n!

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8. Noodle

Found this cute little noodle today! Caught the perfect picture!
byu/pigeones insnakes

9. Colorful

Baby snek

10. Saying hi


11. Fetch


12. Congratulations!


13. Don’t be scared


14. Santa


15. Cute and happy

Cute and Happy Snek
byu/I_Shit_Gold_Bars inaww

Okay, I think I’m cured. Mostly…