14 Adorable Tweets About Raising Kids


Aren’t kids just ADORABLE? Well, at least some of the time they are. Other times? Maybe not so much…

Parenthood is a constant tug-of-war with the little humans you’ve brought into the world, and, if you have kids, you know that there is a lot of hilarity involved on a day-to-day basis.

And here are 14 perfect examples.

1. Totally over EVERYTHING.

Goodbye world! It was nice knowing you!

2. Doesn’t want to hear it anymore.

If you don’t want to know… don’t ask!

3. Got it, see you tomorrow.

Well, this kid is gonna go far!

4. Zing! She showed you.

Dad jokes FTW!

5. Yes, it is kind of like that.

Good summation, kid! You should be a writer.

6. Cherish these wonderful memories.

And maybe look into some plastic surgery?

7. Isn’t that just so sweet?

I don’t know they’ll be around for that, kid.

8. It’s gonna get ugly.

It’s go time, teachers!

9. He’ll learn about that later.

I mean, he wasn’t wrong, though..

10. Write everything down just in case.

Did you give birth to a vampire?!

11. Not a fan of the rotten grapes.

I mean, but who really is?

12. That kid is speaking for all of us.

Just stop talking and LISTEN!

13. Right….evacuate…that’s what you said, right?

I love it when kids get words wrong.

14. Not a fan of your singing, apparently.

So funny!

Ahhhh, adorable little monsters angels, aren’t they? What a joy they are to have and raise and then watch them slowly resent you. Fun!

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