15 Funny Tweets About Adults Who Act Like Children


You’ve heard this story before. And you’ve seen it a million times. “Adults” who are failing at “adulting” and might be better off regarded as still being children.

Hey, not everyone can be a full-blown adult. And if that’s you, don’t beat yourself up about it too much, okay?

Do any of these look familiar?

1. That’s one way to do it

2. Work injury

3. Adulting IS hard

4. You did it!

5. Nice work!

6. Hahahaha

7. They’re called onesies


8. We’re all really losing our way

9. Please stop

10. Not unique to you

11. FAIL

12. Could’ve been worse…maybe

13. Winning!


14. A smorgasbord

15. Wow. You didn’t notice?

Adulting FAILS!