15 More Amazing #MisheardLyrics from Jimmy Fallon’s Hashtag Game


Y’all, there were too many amazing answers to this Hashtag game question to do it justice in a single post. Too many hilariously apropos misheard lyrics.

Also, some of them…I think are better than the actual songs. Just sayin’.

I’ll leave it to you to guess which ones.

15. Is it just me, or is this creepy?

Photo Credit: Twitter,mark_it_off

14. Now THAT’S romantic

Photo Credit: Twitter,UncleBuckJake

13. ‘Tis a sad tune…

12. If you’re a kid, this totally makes sense

Photo Credit: Twitter,tluciani

11. *sets down without comment*

Photo Credit: Twitter,joshbrownecow

10. Word

Photo Credit: Twitter,Billie_Jean26

9. Okay, so more than one person heard this…

Photo Credit: Twitter,Burkah0lics

8. His version is certainly sweeter

Photo Credit: Twitter,sgtwolverine

7. This makes no sense, but it’s adorable

Photo Credit: Twitter,Dayle7

6. This is the best

Photo Credit: Twitter,LoriTweets

5. That’s…a lot

Photo Credit: Twitter,veroferguson

4. I have questions

3. I wonder which one she thought the Beach Boys should choose?

Photo Credit: Twitter,kimberlies21

2. Nope #ewww

Photo Credit: Twitter,ExcitedApathy

1. Only part. Lol.

Photo Credit: Twitter,ayodes

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