15 Marriage Tweets That Will Stay Funny As Long as We Both Shall Live

Source: @maryfairybobrry on Twitter

Marriage: it’s a beautiful union of two people where all your dreams immediately come true…right?

Well, maybe it’s not exactly the fairy tale it’s made out to be…

Or maybe these people just have really good senses of humor and want to put their partners on blast?

Either way, these tweets are winners!

1. What’s it gonna be?

Choose your answer carefully…

2. It’s over!

Time to call the lawyers!

3. Pretty much everything.

Just look around you. All of that.

4. Things are heating up.

Time to go to the bedroom and settle this once and for all!

5. She’s winning this one.

I mean… she always wins though.

6. I can’t believe it’s not working.

Maybe the 301st time will work.

7. Son of a biscuit eater…

That’s my sweetie!

8. Now what…?

Can anybody help out here?

9. I’m gonna score!

I mean… to be fair to the guys… this is what we all hear.

10. What am I doing here?

Who am I? What is today?

11. Sparks are flying.

That’s a great job. Do it differently.


12. Not in my house!

Time. To. Leave. The. World.

13. The natural progression of things.

What a love affair!

14. No, I can’t.

Impossible requests will not be considered for more than a few seconds. Thx.

15. Where the hell were you?

Have you been chEATing on me? Hmmmm?

Those seem pretty on point…even though I’m not married. But hey, they seem right on the money to me!

What do you think? Do these tweets illustrate marriage realistically?

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