15 Canadians Confess to the Most “Canadian” Thing They’ve Ever Done

Image Credit: Pixabay

Stereotypes aren’t always appropriate, but it’s also important to know when and how to laugh at yourself, right? These 15 Canadians are 100% sure the moments below stopped them in their tracks, and made them laugh and think, “Damn, I am such a Canadian right now.”

#15. Sorry for the mess

“Got tooth knocked out playing hockey. With blood spewing from my mouth I started apologizing to the ref for making a mess on the ice.”

#14. Polite to the nth degree

“An old lady called me and had the wrong number.

We talked on the phone for 45 minutes.”

#13. Just a normal Wednesday in Canada

“Went out in a blizzard in just t-shirt and jeans to help push a stranger’s car out of a snow drift, in March.”

#12. You know what I’m talking about

“I’ve always thought passive aggressiveness was a truly Canadian trait—don’t want to be outright rude, but you want to get your point across.

Typically, when some one is being ignorant of how much space they’re taking up or if they’re blocking something I need to get at, I’ll use the old “I’m just gonna sneak right past you”. If you’re Canadian and you’ve seen those Petro Canada ads, then you know what I’m talking about.”

#11. Bag o’ milk

“Drink milk out the bag. Love me a good ol bag o’milk.”

#10. Trifecta

“I met Stompin Tom Connors at the Woodsman Inn (on the Trans Canada Highway – hwy 69) on the Canada Day long weekend back in the late 80’s.”

#9. Sorry

“I went to open the washroom door at a Starbucks and it was locked. The person inside said “sorry” and I responded “sorry”. That was our interaction.”

#8. 6 apologies in 5 minutes

“I moved to Canada, so I can share my very first Canadian morning, though it was not me doing though. I went to Tim Horton’s to get breakfast for the family, and I ordered a chicken sandwich, just because it looked good. They had no chicken that morning. In the space of 5 minutes, 6 different people apologized to me for not having chicken.”

#7. Hockey is the tie that binds

“The most Canadian thing I’ve witnessed was 2 guys in the Bay.

One Chinese and the other Sikh, both with thick accents, both wearing Bay uniforms, arguing passionately about hockey.”

#6. When you need one, you need one

“Put on my parka, warmed up my car, drove to 711 for a slurpee in -40* weather”

#5. Alien

“I was in New York once. I said hello to a random stranger and she looked at me like I was from another planet.”

#4. Where does it end?

“This summer we dug up our front and back yard and put down new sod. We had too much sod, so offered to do the neighbour’s small yard as well (we live in a semi-detached, so it’s kind of a shared yard anyway). We refused any payment, so they left a 24 of Keith’s in front of our door.”

#3. What can’t you put maple syrup on?

“Poured maple syrup on snow and ate it on a popsicle stick.”

#2. The apology helped

“While portaging a canoe, I bumped into a moose. I apologized. He left the trail and wandered into the bush. My uncle said I was lucky he wasn’t rutting or I would have been turned into a mushy pile of red pulp. I’d like to think that the apology helped.”

#1. Nice and brisk

“I drive with my window down in the winter. It’s nice and brisk for short trips anyway.”

Pretty funny, eh?