15 Celebrities Reimagined as Sausages by Hilarious Pastry Chef’s Instagram

Image Credit: Instagram

You might have clicked on this link out of pure, morbid curiosity. Like…you never imagined celebrities as sausages, right? It never occured to you that anyone could be reimagined as a sausage, perhaps, and you certainly never guessed it might be something you need in your life.

Well, I’m here to convince you – with the help of the Instagram account of one Erik Vernieuwe, a full-time pastry chef.

Below are 15 of his best sausage (re)creations.

15. The captions are my favorite part.

I can hardly tell this is a hot dog and not the real thing!


14. It’s Popeye the Hot Dog Man!

He doesn’t live in a garbage can (because he lives in my belly).


13. Weinerscissors.

He makes a lovely bush.


12. Hot dog Rockettes.

Why do their legs look so fantastic?


11. This hot dog villain looks miserable.

It should be cackling, really.


10. Is that…Louis XVI?

If not, I can make it happen with one bite.


9. Hot dogs for Christmas.

I doubt anyone will complain.


8. I do believe it’s Belle.

Those candles better take a step back.


7. I’m dead now.

Where are her seashells and fins?


6. Awww, the Tin Man.

This actually works really well.


5. Gandalf. I would follow him anywhere.

As long as I could eat him at the end of the trip.


4. It’s a hard knock life for Pi the weiner.

No way that tiger is letting him live.


3. Even hot dogs need Halloween costumes.

I hope they don’t get stuffed with candy though.


2. She left her hot dog son at home for the the holidays.



1. Ok this one is my favorite.

Green hot dog and all.


These are definitely celebrities and movie scenes with sausages, though for some reason, all I keep seeing is Beaker from The Muppets.

What food would you use to recreate celebrities and movie scenes?

Let’s muse in the comments!