What Comeback Works Against All Insults? Here’s What People Had to Say.

This is gonna be a blast!

Because I think we can all agree that the more comebacks you have, the more confident you will be when jerks out there decide to talk trash to you.

So are you ready to commit these comebacks to memory?

Let’s get this party started!

I love it!

“Just laugh out loud.

If someone’s trying to make you mad, acting like nothing they’ve said matters to you in the least and their best attempts at making you feel bad are laughable will really take the wind out of their sails.

I’ve done it, it’s immensely satisfying.”


“There was a female gamer doing a live stream, taking s**t from some a**hole she just beat.

Without a pause she drops:

“I’m going to f**k your dad tonight and give birth to someone he actually loves”.”

Here you go.

“It’s easy guys.

Just repeat what they’ve said back but in a high pitch sarcastic tone.

I find works especially well in customer service when dealing with tricky complaints.”

It is what it is.

“Whenever my mom would get called names or was insulted, she’d shrug and just say “everybody’s gotta be something.””

I think it’ll work.

“My dad told me to respond to b**lying by saying:

“Sorry about your family situation.” – and walk away, looking very sympathetic and sad. like you understand and it’s okay.

I’ve caused a few breakdowns for sure.”

See ya later.

“Just walk away while they are talking, it’s probably the rudest thing you can do.

Plus you save your time and if they call you a coward smile in evil joy as you know they’ll be thinking about this for the rest of the week.”

I like this one!

“”I don’t get why that’s funny. Can you explain it to me?”

As soon as they start talking: “I was just kidding, I don’t actually care what you think.””

You’re pretty funny!

“Literally just laugh.

I’ve caught so many people off guard by laughing at the insults they try on me

Insults to me are either so creative or so unoriginal that I find them hilarious.”

Don’t engage.

“The anti-comeback is my favorite.

A light breeze has more effect on me than someone insulting or bullying me these days. I couldn’t tell you what the last five or ten people in my life that tried to publicly humiliate me even looked like. I never looked at them.

What they were saying never made me miss a beat in whatever I was doing. They get SO MAD every time, try to bait me a few times, and then eventually give up. Meanwhile everyone around me can hear and see what’s happening. There’s only one person that everyone is witnessing making an a** of themselves, and it’s not me.”

Are you okay?

““I’ve been called worse by better.”

Or I just go full Mr. Rogers, “It sounds like you’re having some big feelings. Big feelings are hard, aren’t they buddy?””

Not a bad idea.

“Alright I will share this S-tier comeback with you all.

During the dispute you simply need to ask calmly and genuinely:

“Why are you making your voice deeper?”

Your opponent is simply unable to talk properly afterwards. If they try just continue to gaslight them into thinking they are. There is simply no further retort – the dispute is over.”

I’m confused…

“”What do you mean by that exactly?”

Have them explain exactly what they meant, preferably a few times until they realize how dumb they look.

Works really well for subtle, passive agressive insults that most people ignore at the time, then get angry about afterwards.”

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