What Fact Are You Tired of Explaining to People? Here’s What Folks Said.

Is our world going straight to Hell in a handbasket?

It sure seems like it sometimes, based on the amount of fake information and conspiracy theories floating around the Internet.

And you and I both know that all that bogus info leads to people spouting off a bunch of BS.

And, in the spirit of that depressing fact, we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about things they’re tired of explaining to people.

Get started now!

1. Oh no!

“Nothing’s wrong.

It’s just my face.”

2. I’m a nurse.

“I’m a male and a nurse. No I don’t want to be a doctor.

No I’m not going to school to be a doctor. No I don’t feel like less of a man because I’m a nurse and not a doctor.

And stop calling me doc and doctor. I’ve told you 5 times I’m your nurse and my badge says NURSE in big letters.”

3. There you go.

“Everything is made of chemicals.

Not everything “natural” is good and not everything “man made” is bad.”

4. Shout it out loud!

“Viruses are not bacteria.

Bacteria are not viruses.”

5. Truth.

“That type-1 diabetes isn’t caused by your diet, and it cannot be cured.

My mom had to stop a nurse from giving her something once and was like “I’m a diabetic I can’t have that” and she said the nurse looked at her and goes “you don’t look diabetic”.”

6. No relation.

“That many Chinese people have my surname, but we’re not all related to Jackie Chan.

Just like how not every person with Johnson as their surname is related to Boris Johnson.”

7. Don’t ask me…

“I’m a programmer. I write programs.

I don’t know why your computer won’t turn on.”

8. Good one.

“Just because someone doesn’t always need their disability aids, that doesn’t mean they’re not disabled and faking it.

Someone who needs a wheelchair to get around doesn’t always mean they can’t use their legs. They can still walk short distances.”

9. Can’t help it.

“I have insomnia.

No I can’t just “think about nothing”.”

10. Deal with it!

“If I’m working at night, I need to sleep during some portion of the day.


11. Oh, come on!

“Gets job at NASA.

All extended family asks is if moon landing was real…”

12. Inappropriate.

“I’m ginger and a lot of people asks me if ALL my hair is also ginger.”

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