15 Common Misconceptions You Can Easily Disprove

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Here’s What Causes Old People to Smell DifferentAs children, we often believe many stories and urban legends. Cats have nine lives! A magic fairy pays us when we lose childhood teeth!

And though we grow out of these, that doesn’t mean adults don’t believe in misconceptions or erroneous facts. That’s why an AskReddit thread asked the following question and got a ton of answers!

What common myth can be disproved in seconds?”

So let’s take a look at things we still believe—even though they’re untrue.

15. Fire Alarms Don’t Activate Sprinklers

“Pulling a fire alarm does not, in fact, activate the sprinkler system in most scenarios.

Certainly not indoors, at your school, your home, or any indoor commercial establishment.”


14. KFC Can Use The Word “Chicken”

“That KFC is no longer allowed to use the word “chicken” because of some government mandate.

If you go to their website, the word “chicken” is everywhere.”


13. This Bit About Your Palette

“We can only taste certain tastes on specific parts of our tongue.

Just put something sour on different parts of your tongue, you will always be able to taste it.”


12. This ATM Urban Legend

“If you enter a PIN backwards at an ATM it summons the police.

My PIN is a palindrome.

EDIT: Everybody in this thread is assuming that my PIN is only 4 digits long. My PIN is much longer than that. I love my credit union. They let me choose the length of my PIN.”


11. Pool Water Doesn’t Change Colors

“People say the water in pools turns red if you pee in.

You can prove the opposite within seconds.”


10. Holding Breath Isn’t Fatal

“That you can die by holding your breath. You’re only gonna pass out & begin breathing again

Edit: For everyone trying to get technical- y’all really don’t think you can pass out in seconds from holding your breath…? If you hold your breath hard enough with enough pressure you definitely can.”


9. Men Think About Sex Less Than This

“Men think about sex every 8 seconds.

I hadn’t thought about it all morning until just now.”


8. Microwaves Heat The Insides First

“Microwaves heat from the inside out.

Get anything microwavable. Put it in for 30 seconds.

Note the scalding hot outer layer and still frozen centre.”


7. Blood Isn’t Blue!

“That blood is blue before it hits oxygen.”


6. Viruses Don’t Work This Way!

“There’s been a list of corona tips going around Facebook that says, among other things, that the virus dies at a temperature of about 26C/80F and you can kill it in your throat simply by drinking hot drinks.

If that were the case, it wouldn’t be spreading inside of 37C/98.6F human bodies.”


5. Don’t Try to Test This One

“That the human jaw is capable of biting through your finger as easily as a carrot but your brain won’t let it.”


4. Water Only Flows One Way

“That water only goes down a plug hole a certain way in your hemisphere

Unlike others in this thread Like the world is flat and the hair growing comment it can actually be disproven in seconds

Just go to a sink near you and try it, chances are it will go down the same direction every time but that’s because of the shape of your basin, not the (present but infinitesimally minute) force of the earths spin. If you’re not convinced try on a range of different sinks, or try gently pushing it the other way at the start.

The Simpsons episode where Bart does this and the myth works always irked me.”


3. The Flat Earth Theory

“Flat earth. Lie down on a beach and watch the sunset. Then stand up and watch it again.

The only way that’s possible is if the horizon changes based on the angle of your sight which is only possible if the earth is round.”


2. This Halloween Myth

“Some sick people put drugs in children’s bag every Halloween.

Literally no.”


1. And This…

“… That girls don’t fart?”


There are probably plenty of other misconceptions that are widely touted as truth.

Many of these untruths are harmless, but if you’ve heard of any myths that can be easily disproven, let us know in the comments!