15 Couples Share Their Favorite Things to Do at Home Together (Besides Sex)

©Unsplash,Toa Heftiba

Okay, let’s play a game. You have to come right out and admit what you and your significant other do for fun when you’re at home that doesn’t involve sex.

Go ahead, I can wait…do you like to build forts with couch pillows? Make Jell-o? Don’t be ashamed, every couple has their thing.

These AskReddit users sure do and they put it in writing, as well.

#1. Home cookin’

“Learn a new recipe together. Just got a new pasta maker and we’re gonna learn to make pasta, lasagne plates and noodles from scratch. A little music in the background and voila.

You learn a new skill together, which you also get to eat.”

#2. Some good tips

“- Find a board game the two of you like to play together – it helps if it has a theme you both or expansions that make it an ongoing thing. My boyfriend and I love playing the Arkham Horror living card game together and it’s become a constant activity we can turn to. We have yet to replay a scenario because new chapters to the story keep coming out.

– Read. I like to read out loud and don’t get the chance to do it often enough, so while my boyfriend plays games on his computer to wind down in the evening, I read out loud to him. It works for him when he can focus on the game and the story (like listening to an audiobook or podcast in the background) but maybe not the best if multitasking isn’t your style.

– Cook together. Find something that you both like that isn’t too involved and make a night of cooking (or preparing if you work and need more of a crock-or-instapot option) and eating with one another. If possible, not on the couch or in bed, but at the table. Feel free to dress up the table too, put a candle on there. Even if you cooked hotdogs together, make it the fanciest damn hotdog dinner you ever did see.

– Multiplayer video games can be fun too. I’m not a huge gamer myself, like…at all. Hand-eye coordination is shit, BUT my boyfriend got a switch recently and took the time to teach me to play super smash and then we played together for a little while

– pop in a movie you’ve both seen before and enjoy your own running commentary as it plays. Crack jokes, make comments, and enjoy the movie all at once.”

#3. You can learn a lot

“My GF and I have a movie list.

The idea is this. I have a list of movies I love that she hasn’t seen and she has one of movies I haven’t seen. We take turns showing each other a movie. I had her watch Howls Moving Castle with me, she loved it. Next up is Spirited Away.

Her movies tend to be more chic flicky, but I still enjoy watching them with her. Plus we’ve expanded to shows and she’s gotten me into GOT which I could never get into on my own.

When it’s all done we’ll have seen each other’s movies completely. You can learn a lot about someone from their taste in movies.”

#4. Get to the kitchen

“Cook together. I find Korean dishes are tasty and healthy and fun to make. If you do a lot of small side dishes (banchan) it definitely takes a whole day and that’s a really fun activity with a feast at the end :)”

#5. Good idea

“I will go on askreddit, see one of the top questions that look interesting, then ask her that question.

It almost always gets good conversation going.”

#6. Yes!

“Pillow fort, with subsequent breakin of said fort because no girls allowed!

Then let her stay because I guess she’s not so bad.”

#7. FUN!

“For my last birthday my wife bought two of those foam ball shooter guns from Costco. Every once in awhile one of us will come home to table-forts and obstacles, with a loaded ball shooter waiting by the door. I love her, she’s awesome.”

#8. Now that’s fun

“Last night before bed, we made shadow puppets on the ceiling using a phone flashlight and our hands. She giggled at all of my dumb attempts. My awful duck puppet led her to do a SPOT ON Donald Duck impression that I’ve never heard her do before. Made me laugh HARD.”

#9. Domino M’r F’r!

“Playing dominoes is fun.”

#10. Drunk puzzling

“If your SO is willing, a puzzle is really entertaining. Doubly fun if you throw a little alcohol into the mix.”

#11. Always a good time

“Look at old photos.

Ones from back when you first met can be fun, but even better are embarrassing baby photos and the like.”

#12. Let loose!

“Put on some lively music and dance, even better if neither of you know how.”

#13. Projects

“How about working on a project together? Build something, paint a room, plant some flowers in pots, teach yourselves to crochet or knit, then spend the time together talking while your hands are busy. Aka do stuff that doesn’t involve a screen, especially if you are feeling like you and your partner are drifting apart. Alternately outside of the house go for a walk, hike, or bike ride. It doesn’t have to be long or strenuous, just time together where you share an experience.”

#14. Haven’t done that in a while

“Hide and seek. Hiding as an adult is simultaneously easier and more difficult because you’re way more creative about where you hide, but also like twice as tall as you were the last time you probably played.”

#15. Listen to Bob

“Bob Ross painting party. Buy 2 canvases and follow Bob’s tutorials.”

Ya know, I’ve done that last one myself a time or two. 10/10 would recommend.