15 Crafty and Cheap DIY Solutions That Actually Worked

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Everyone has confronted an urgent item that needs to be fixed, but plumbers and experts cost a pretty penny! Renters often deal with even more hurdles as their landlords may be unwilling to respect their end of the bargain.

That’s why crafty homeowners and renters have come up with DIY solutions that worked and saved them some money.

Take a look at some of these, but don’t try them at home!

15. This Solution for Your Gutter!

Easy peasy if you have some PVC pipe lying around.

Photo Credit: Ostrantula

14. If Your Feet Are Drowning, Raise the Floor

That’s definitely one way to stay dry!

Photo Credit: mimbulous

13. Broken Showerhead? No Problem!

All you need as a (hopefully) clean can!

Photo Credit: Ostrantula

12. Too Many Leaves?

Find a group of friends and a dump truck!

Photo Credit: THX-23-02

11. The Car’s Temperature Came Off…

But that’s why this extra piece was installed!

Photo Credit: Ostrantula

10. Isn’t This Dangerous?

Yes, but it kept the OP warm!

Photo Credit: icmeric

9. No iPad Stand?

Let a humble fork do the job!

Photo Credit: projectolivine

8. Do You Really Need a Toilet For Your Tiny Place?

Just install it discreetly.

Photo Credit: Cardanothecaire

7. What If Your Water Heater Breaks Down?

Then use a spare candle!

Photo Credit: SimonFiveskin

6. Need a Light Fixture?

Maybe this will do the trick.

Photo Credit: Mr_PoodlePants

5. You Don’t Need to Buy a Ruler…

…if you have one on your person at all times.

Photo Credit: orbitofnormal

4. Have a Shut-Off Notice?

Plant a fake wasp’s nest!

Photo Credit: ASuds_65

3. Is Your Hot and Cold Water Separate?

Then this handy trick will help you get warm water!

Photo Credit: mrbik225

2. Missing Shower Rod?

Use a hockey stick!

Photo Credit: natcatbobat

1. Googly Eyes Are Up To The Task!

Though it’s probably obvious that you’d know if you’re in an earthquake.

Photo Credit: neon_soxx

These lifehacks range from curious to dangerous, so be careful out there!

Have you heard of or seen other interesting DIY jobs that saved money? Tell us about them in the comments!