15 Eating Sins So Bad They Scarred Witnesses for Life

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There are some things that should just never be eaten together. Items you would never, not in a million years, even put next to each other on a plate, so when you see them that way, you almost can’t quite make sense of it.

It can scar you. These 15 people have lived to tell the tales, though.

#15. Bizarre flavor combinations.

I had a friend who went through a period where cake decorating was her hobby, and she made some amazing looking cakes that all tasted horrible because of the bizarre flavor combinations. It was always a bit funny because people would compliment the look of them and then have to figure out how to throw their pieces away without being rude about it. The worst one was a Christmas cake with an immaculate looking fondant Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer that was an orange spice cake covered in mint icing. It was like brushing your teeth and rinsing with orange juice in cake form.

#14. That son of a b.

A Ketchup Brownie. My cousin, this son of a b.

#13. She went for round two.

When I was a server, I had a customer dip her bread in a glass of Coke. She finished her whole bread basket and Coke and asked for another basket and another refill of Coke, and went to town again for round two. She didn’t give a crap how she looked and ate that shit like it was the best thing on Earth

#12. Like a psychopath.

The wife dips Oreos in water like a psychopath.

#11. Not the coffee.

Moms boyfriend. Crushed cheez-it crackers into his coffee. That day he ate waffles covered in spinach and fish sticks drizzled with syrup.

All the while LOUDLY smackin his lips sayin “uuuh so goooood.”

Mom says dont let it bother me.

It bothers me.

#10. Not a great concoction.

When I visited my aunt’s family as a kid she served a “purple cow” – milk mixed with grape juice – for breakfast.

If you haven’t tasted that, take my word for it – it’s not a great concoction.

#9. On Jell-O.

I used to be obsessed with A1. I would put it on everything possible because I loved it so much. One day I put it on jello. I no longer enjoy A1.

#8. The closest flavor to vomit.

My mom puts peanut butter on cold pizza. It is the closest flavor to vomit that is not vomit.

#7. It makes me sad.

A watermelon and ketchup sadwich. I call it a sadwich because it makes me sad.

#6. I couldn’t look away.

Dude in my dining hall had a plate of sunny side up eggs. Scooped under an egg with his fork, brought it up to his mouth, and only touched his lips to the yolk. Proceeded to suck all the yolk, and then slurped the rest of the egg in. It was like a car crash, I couldn’t look away but I was horrified.

#5. Like cereal.

I work at a pub/restaurant waiting tables. This couple walks in who I’ve never seen but are apparently regulars. The bartender sees them, shoots me a glance, and goes to grab something from the kitchen. Before even taking their order, he’s filled the crushed red pepper shaker and told me to take it over to them. The woman orders a small cup of French onion soup and proceeds to unscrew the cap of this shaker and dump the entirety of it onto her soup, an inch high off the top of her bowl. She’s eating this spicy red pepper like cereal and didn’t even ask for a drink refill.

#4. Except chewed up and spit out.

my sister would make ritz cracker sandwiches, except the thing that went between the two ritz cracker “buns” was another ritz cracker, except chewed up and spit out. it was disgusting.

#3. Grounds for divorce.

My wife dips PBJ’s into spaghettios.

#2. Any kind of cheesecake.

Mustard on cheesecake …

EDIT: Answering a few comments.

It wasn’t me it was a friend.

It was yellow mustard.

Any kind of cheesecake.

You can’t compare it to mustard on a sandwich containing cheese — the flavour profiles of both are completely different. On top of that cheesecake is a sweet (yes and somewhat tangy) dessert, whereas normal cheese is just tangy (and all the other cheesy flavour profiles).

The number of people that misread this as cheese steak amuses me. 😛

Apparently this is normal in the Netherlands…

#1. Pancakes and ranch.

My baby sister used to eat pancakes and ranch. My mom just accepted it because she was such a picky eater and this was something she just thoroughly enjoyed.

We’re pretty sure it’s cuz my mom craved both when she was pregnant with her

You’re welcome for all of those images you can never unsee.