15 Epic Photos from the 2019 National Beard and Moustache Championships

©Facebook,Greg Anderson Photography

Beard and moustache culture is a very real thing. Don’t believe me? Well, the 2019 National Beard and Moustache Championships recently took place in Tinley Park, Illinois, and the photos are just incredible.

Photographer Greg Anderson was on hand to capture the proceedings, and I think you’ll be impressed by the insane facial hair he caught with his lens.

Take a look at these and see how your own beards and moustaches match up!

1. Mind blowing.

2. Looks like a big Teddy Bear.

3. A lot of work went into this one.

4. A classic cookie duster.

5. Looks like the villain in an old movie.

6. A unique choice.

7. Like a beautiful waterfall.

8. A+ for design.

9. Through his ears!

10. The hair is on-point, too.

11. Wild and wacky.

12. ZZ Top?

13. Braidz for dayz.

14. This guy looks cool as ice.

15. This is out of control.

I just know that some of you out there have some pretty impressive facial hair.

Let’s see some pics in the comments!