15 Examples Of A Horrible Idea That Was Extremely Well-Executed

You know that moment when someone tells you an idea, or you see someone muse about something, and you think to yourself “that is the worst idea I’ve ever heard.”

Now imagine you come back to this idea a few weeks late and see that they have executed it in a way you never could have imagined.

Welcome to the group Awful Taste But Great Execution.

You’re never going to want to leave.

15. I am actually stunned into silence.

Like…what on earth can one say when confronted by this?

I’ve been waiting for this Tuesday all week. Behold- a friend of a friend’s tramp stamp.
byu/pinkat31522 inATBGE

14. I mean, martinis are good.

But I don’t want one that’s touched anyone’s bare booty, thanks.

My friend went to a wedding where they had a guy handing out martini olives in a bathtub full of olives
byu/devmikale inATBGE

13. So much nope.

I would suddenly be able to hold it.

This McDonald’s themed guest bathroom
byu/Baramos_ inATBGE

12. I mean, they must really love Taco Bell.

That’s not even the best kind of taco, sorry not sorry.

Let’s Taco ‘bout this cake from a local bakery we’re considering for our wedding…I think this may belong here.
byu/Nanxx68 inATBGE

11. They must really like cheeseburgers.

I mean, so do I. But not that much.

This Fine China Burger
by inATBGE

10. Interesting is one word for it.

Another one would be “why?”

An interesting house being built in my hometown in Bulgaria
byu/Ciberus inATBGE

9. Are you sure about that?

Because I’m not sleeping with that thing in the house.

The furry skeleton isn’t real, it can’t hurt you
byu/fourDnet inATBGE

8. Why not both?

I mean, two things are better than one.

Are these Nikes… or crocs?
byu/passport89 inATBGE

7. If that’s art, they should see my backyard.

Because my dog leaves some masterpieces back there.

Orange County Museum of Art
byu/F-O inATBGE

6. These are made in one of three U.S. States.

Take your pick, but they’re all South of the Mason Dixon line.

Great attention to detail but… Why?
byu/RandomActPG inATBGE

5. What is the point of this?

I don’t think you could actually wear it around town.

These Adidas Shoes
byu/Cgi22 inATBGE

4. A certain type of woman would love this.

Like that one receptionist on Archer.

This dress.
by inATBGE

3. My 4yo would love this.

It’s funny, but not exactly mature.

You guessed it
byu/ActionHousevh inATBGE

2. It’s clever, I suppose.

I mean. Cool.

Is it Tuesday yet?
byu/ProjectOcean inATBGE

1. I’m not sure this is ideal safety gear.

Or ideal for much of anything, to be hoenst.

Ah, screw it.
byu/DidItForThaGram inATBGE

Y’all, if these aren’t some of the best things I’ve ever seen…

Which of these just cracked you up? Tell us in the comments!