15 Photos and Stories About Karens Behaving Like Total Karens

Whether you agree with the nickname or not, some people get called Karen behind their backs for always trying to get their way.

It would be infuriating if it wasn’t just downright funny sometimes. Here are 15 times Karen just went out of her way to be such a, well, Karen.

1. Classic Karen

She’s fierce y’all! Don’t try to tell her about soccer!

How to stop karen
byu/bb_805 inFuckYouKaren

2. Museum Karen

Come on, Karen, crack open a book. Or, you know, crack open your head. Either would work.

fuck sake Karen
byu/wag1sexy inFuckYouKaren

3. Solar Eclipse Karen

You … just can’t make this stuff up. But she apparently can. Out of thin air.

I want to speak to the manager of the solar system
byu/NightVale_Comm_Radio inFuckYouKaren

4. Insensitive Karen

We hope she read this reply! Because that is JUST what she deserved.

God I hate people who are like this.
by inFuckYouKaren

5. Sighing Karen

I mean, just come on now lady. Sit yourself back down and wait your turn!

6. Karen Critique

Ah! We did not see that plot twist coming!

Get fucked karen!
byu/cody24pass inFuckYouKaren

7. Sushi Karen

Oh my word.

by inFuckYouKaren

8. Those Shoes Though

“Live Love Laugh”

Whoever made these should be executed
by inFuckYouKaren

9. No, Debra

Such a great comeback.

Debra seems like a Karen
byu/wfiorido2 inFuckYouKaren

10. He Doesn’t Even Work Here

Gosh, Karen. Chill.

When karen is the manager
byu/demomboi69 inFuckYouKaren

11. That Hair

Classic Karen.

I don’t mean to alarm anyone but THEY’VE STARTED FARMING KAREN’S!!!!
byu/ClassicYak420 inFuckYouKaren

12. Just Wow

What a surprise! They’re annoyed with you!

A 100 dollars says her name was Karen
byu/memezzer inFuckYouKaren

13. Shut Down

Yikes. That’s gonna burn.

[deleted by user]
by inFuckYouKaren

14. Good Point

What’s up with that, Karen?!

15. Couponing Karen

Get it together lady.

Madlad with a quarter
byu/MedicFord inmadlads

Apparently, some people just can’t help it. They must Karen at all costs.

What do you think of describing some women as Karens? Do you think this nickname is fair, or does it go too far? And are you named Karen? Do you hate it now?

Let us know in the comments!

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