15 Fake Book Covers That Tell the Story of Your Life

Image Credit: Facebook

If there’s anything in the world that will convince you we’re all pretty much the same when it comes down to it, it will be these 15 book covers – because each one pretty accurately tells the story of my life (and I’m betting the same goes for you). And if you love these, make sure to follow @storyofmyfuckinglife on Instagram!

#15. Don’t judge.

#14. Being an adult is overrated.

#13. Alexa is everywhere.

#12. There’s one in every family.

#11. Sure to be a bestseller.

#10. I always win.

#9. #momlife

#8. I feel so seen.

#7. Being a kid was really the best.

#6. I even have I.D., see?

#5. Why don’t I learn?

#4. It could go either way.

#3. Puppies are so cute, though.

#2. I would buy this planner.

#1. Is there another option?

Was I right? You can admit it!