15 Film Fans Share Their Favorite Hidden Disney “Adult” Jokes

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Family-friendly films and content are Disney’s bread and butter, but that doesn’t mean they don’t hide “adult” jokes that go over kids’ heads.

A Reddit thread asked people to share their favorite such jokes. There were thousands of responses, but here are some that stood out.

15. Oedipal Jokes, Hercules

“When Hercules is walking with Meg after their date and he says ‘And then that play, that Oedipus thing?

Man, I thought I had problems!'”


14. The Glance, Ratatouille

“In Ratatouille when the chef dude says I have a little tiny- as to referring to his rat but the girl quickly glances towards his crotch.

The master chef also says ‘One can get TOO familiar with vegetables you know.'”


13. The Open Wings, Toy Story 2

When Buzz Lighteryear’s wings open after seeing Jessie pull off a cool stunt at the end of Toy Story 2.”


12. Piston Cups, Cars

“Lightning McQueen: ‘Guys, Doc has three Piston Cups!’ Mater: /spittake/ ‘He did WHUT in his cup?!'”


11. Shoe Size, Frozen

“One example I like to use is from Frozen.

When Anna is in the sleigh with Christoph he is asking about Prince Hans. One of his questions is ‘shoe size?’ Her response is ‘shoe size doesn’t matter.'”


10. Under The Sea, The Little Mermaid

“‘Baby it’s better

Down where it’s wetter

Take it from me’

Great flex, Sebastian.”


9. This Shrek Number

“The Robin Hood song in Shrek:

Hood: I like a little spice and a saucy little maid

Merry Men: what he’s basically saying is that he likes to get – (laid)

Hood, interrupting: Paid!”


8. This Misunderstanding, Trolls

“I’m the movie Trolls, the trolls are confused by what sarcasm was, so one of them goes, ‘I think I had a sarcasm once..’

If..If you get what I mean..”

7. This Marination, Aristocats

“In the Aristocats- when that goose stumbles out of that restaurant and we see the menu for that night, the special being Goose Basted in White Wine. O’Malley says, “Basted? He’s been marinated in it!”

5 year old me was like what? 25 year old me was like ha!”


6. Multiplication Jokes, Zootopia

“In Zootopia / Zootropolis.

-Judy Hopps (a rabbit) comes from the town of BunnyBurrow. When you see the sign board for the town, the town population number is a clicker, constantly clicking up.

-When Judy tries to get the fox Nick to help her, she blackmails him. Threatens to charge him with tax evasion if he doesn’t help her. She starts calculating how much tax he has failed to pay and says ‘I mean, what do I know, I’m just a dumb bunny, but we are good at multiplying…'”


5. Mr. Potato Head’s Move, Toy Story

“The classic Mr. Potato head taking off his lips and patting them on his “behind” in Toy Story.

As a kid I had no idea what that meant, but re-watching it while I was on a binge I finally realized he was saying “ass kisser” and I lost it.”


4. Acupuncturists, Mulan


‘My children never caused such trouble. They all became acupuncturists!’

“Well we can’t all be acupuncturists!”

‘No! Your great granddaughter had to be a cross-dresser!'”


3. This Photo, The Rescuers

“The photo of a topless woman in a window in The Rescuers.

Disney claims that it was added in post production and that their animators aren’t responsible. They also forced a recall of 3.4 million VHS copies of the film in 1999 when the image was finally discovered.”


2. This Reference to #2, Finding Nemo

“Finding Nemo, as the fish have just started polluting their tank.

‘Doesn’t anybody realize we are swimming in our own sh–‘

‘Shh! Here he comes!'”


1. Bath-time Jokes, Prince of Egypt

“In Prince of Egypt where Moses was getting a bath and then said “you’ve cleaned every inch of me- woah! I was wrong.”

Go watch it if you believe in the Bible or aren’t easily offended religion-wise.”


There are many more jokes in the original thread. With the many animated Disney films, there are probably tons of jokes waiting to be discovered.

Are there any jokes you think Redditors miss?

There’s space for you to share them below in the comments!