Right now, we’re all gonna take what’s officially known as a “giggle break.”

Not familiar? Well, it’s where you set aside your work, your stresses and all the troubles in your life, and you look at these hilarious tweets. And then you laugh really, really, REALLY hard.

Sadly, after this short respite, you must return to your regularly scheduled workday. So make these laughs last a while!

Start right now!

1. Yeah, that’s weird.

2. Kind of like bumper cars.

3. I bet thee kids would find this very interesting.

4. That was odd.

5. We all needed this today.

6. Totally clean slate.

7. Not that horse!

8. Wow! That is impressive!

9. No way you’re hungrier than me!

10. Waiting for a flood?

11. Playing with fire.

12. Nailed it.

13. Might want to cut back.

14. WTF is happening here?

15. We need to talk…

Some very solid and hilarious tweets in the list above.

Have you seen any very amusing tweets lately that you got stuck in your mind?

Well, don’t hog them all! Share them with us in the comments!