15 Funny Tweets About ‘White Claw’, the Hard Seltzer Drink Sweeping the Nation

©Facebook,White Claw Hard Seltzer

Are you on the White Claw train yet? It’s an alc*holic hard seltzer drink that is blowing up all over the place right now. Everywhere you turn, you see something about White Claw.

The boozy drink has really been on people’s minds lately because of a funny parody video featuring YouTuber Trevor Wallace.


Here are some quality tweets about the fascination with White Claw.

1. The way it goes…

2. Boom!

3. Kind of sad

4. Yes!

5. LOL

6. That would be nice

7. Fight to the death


8. NO

9. Thanks for this

10. Get with the times!

11. That’s true love


12. Bonded for life


13. Amazing

14. Now it does


15. And, one more for good measure

Bottoms up!