15 Funny Tweets From Some Hysterical Women


Though these hilarious tweets were all written by females, you don’t need to worry – everyone can enjoy them! Guys, girls, etc. will all find these tweets very funny. No doubt about it; comedy is comedy.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started!

1. They’ve moved on.

2. Sunday Funday.

3. Ahhhhh, I’m really doing it.

4. A terrible idea.

5. Very, very true.

6. Drawing you in.

7. I speak two languages.

8. Just stop it!

9. Never a good sight.

10. And did they?


11. Still dealing with it.


12. You sure about that?

13. Putting you on blast.

14. This is going places.

15. Goes for the guys, too.

Well, those tweets sure did hit the spot, didn’t they?

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