15 Funny Tweets That Will Probably Please All the English Majors out There


These posts are lit.

English lit, that is!

Those English majors sure are a punny bunch, aren’t they? If you one of these folks or maybe you just merely identify with them, you will enjoy these tweets.

You may proceed!

1. That’s very true.

2. Time to unpack.


3. Maybe they had a few too many?

4. Oh, here we go…

5. Not gonna make it.

6. That’s much better.


7. Don’t ask me.

8. A lot to read…

9. He is pretty good, I must say…

10. Might want to wait on that a little while…


11. Is that really E.E. Cummings?

12. Funny how that works.

13. No symbolism here, unfortunately.


14. That’s high praise.

15. Oh, it’s lit alright.

Okay, I’m gonna say it…NERD ALERT.

But don’t take it as an insult! I’m one of you!