15 Harsh Truths People Had to Learn for Themselves

Life really runs the gamut from amazing all the way to suffocatingly terrible.

There are highs you wouldn’t believe, and lessons so hard they take the breath out of you, and one of the truths of the whole thing is that most of it, you have to face by yourself.

Here are 15 harsh truths that people learned in dark moments, and they faced them alone.

15. Real friends are hard to find.

That even thought people are hanging out with you doesn’t mean that they always actually like you. I figured that out when I used to hang out with this girl and one day she just came up to me and told me that it’s annoying how I always hung around her and the other girls and that I should probably just go away because a lot of the other girls didn’t like me either.

I had such a hard time trusting people after that. I didn’t want to go to stuff like sleepovers or hang out after school with kids in high school even if they did invite me because I just had that voice in the back of my mind telling me “Don’t hang out with them, they’re only inviting you to be polite. Just decline they’ll have more fun without you”

14. My heart.

My harsh truth was realizing my funeral will be empty – unless I die before my one surviving parent, that is.

Hell, there might not even be a funeral. If I die at home, my corpse won’t be found until they come to evict me for being late on rent.

13. The harshest of truths.

When someone dies you are never seeing them again. The day my partner died i fell into my bed at night and cried my absolute heart out knowing i would never hear her voice again and it destroyed me.

My bedroom was so quiet, dull and hollow and i just felt hopeless. That was 6 years ago and i can vividly remember my surroundings and feelings from that moment.

12. You need a lot more than that.

In a relationship, love is not enough.

Honestly this is the hardest part of adult life for me.

I’m in a truly great marriage, and I am someone’s world, but it isn’t the “true love” I grew up hoping to find. I’ve had some amazing romances, but they all burn out and fade before too long. This is my healthiest relationship by far, but it’s still hard knowing that kind of relationship I wanted as a kid doesn’t exist.

11. Just ask Ferris Bueller.

Life goes fast. Like super fast after you turn 24. My step dad told me that I’d blink and be 40. Well, I blinked and being 40 sucks!!!

10. Yes, everyone.

Everyone is someone’s bad guy.

But every bad guy is the hero in their own story.

9. I hate this.

That one day ur parents, grandparents, people who always have been there for u etc are going to be gone for the rest of your life.

This. It sucks to outlive most of your family. I’m from a small family and my grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles on both sides are all gone. It’s just me, my sister and a few cousins still living.

8. Absolutely nothing.

Don’t take anything for granted, things change so fast and life is really short. I remember having so many friends not that long ago, who are now strangers.

A big one for me is how many “last times” you’re going to have, and how often you won’t realize it’s a last time. Things can change so fast. Go bowling every Monday? Have a convention you and your friends go to yearly? Hang out regularly with the same people?

One day is going to be the last time it happens and almost without fail you will not know. Then you go days without talking to someone, then weeks, then months, then one day you realize that you aren’t really friends anymore. No major fallout, just your lives are no longer compatible.

7. Don’t think about it too hard.

No matter what you have or what you do, you will be essentially forgotten after a few generations.

Weirdly enough, this one doesn’t really bother me that much. Like yeah, I will be essentially forgotten sooner or later, but it’s not like I have much to be remembered for.

In fact, most of us won’t have much to be remembered for other than a few interesting stories here and there, so I might as well get used to the fact that I will be forgotten eventually.

6. Rose-colored glasses.

nostalgia is a liar

5. I hope I never learn this.

That even your best friend can turn into a stranger rather fast.

4. Never ever.

Life will never be fair.

3. Relationships are complicated.

It’s tragic to see how fast relationships can get redefined. It’s painful to learn how quickly a cumulative amount of experiences and love can become dust in the wind moving forward.

For me, it was my fault and just changing life circumstances. I lost my two closest friends, and I became somewhat bitter, which didn’t help things. They reprioritized their lives and decided I wasn’t in that picture.

You think that people will give you a chance at redemption, or that maybe they’d give you some kind of hint that you’re pushing them away.

But that really isn’t how life always works. Miscommunications happen, sometimes there isn’t any communication, and you’re now a stranger.

I regret every moment I did end up pushing them away, but what was most painful about all of it is that I never was clued in until I was out in the cold.

The cold truth in life is that no one will ever care about you as much as you have the ability to about yourself. If you don’t even value yourself, well, no one is going to find it easy to do it for you.

2. Wise words.

Doing your best and giving it your all doesn’t always mean things will turn out the way you want. Sometimes things just go bad.

“It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness; that is life.” -Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

1. Never meet your heroes.

People you put on pedestals will disappoint you.

Life is a trip, isn’t it?

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