15 Comebacks from Restaurants That Got Bad Reviews

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As someone who worked in restaurants and in catering, I can tell you that you just can’t please everyone. People are going to complain, be unhappy, and then they’ll go write a bad review online.

But that doesn’t have to be the end of it. The restaurant staff can come back with their own responses and put these jerks in their places, if they really want to.

Which is exactly what happened in these instances.

If you’ve ever worked in the service industry, you’ll love these.

1. Pull up the video!

This is the most impressive takedown I’ve ever read.

Don’t like our food? Let’s go to the videotape!
byu/JoeBenigo inquityourbullshit

2. Hmmmm… that doesn’t seem right.

Oh yeah! They’re not even open?

Fake review before the restaurant even opens
byu/your_dankesty inquityourbullshit

3. You need a hobby

A stock image bro? Get a life.

Business owner claps back on Yelp User for leaving a negative comment on his restaurant
byu/thekinkykinkycrow inquityourbullshit

4. We don’t sell that, lady!

That’s a fun trick!

Lady complaining about not getting food she didn’t like that they don’t sell anyway.
byu/Trenz007 inquityourbullshit

5. Not open yet, genius!

What’s with people doing this? Don’t they have anything better to do?

Restaurant calls out bs review.
byu/killerdrama inquityourbullshit

6. Oh damn!

That restaurant went DEEP and found some filth!

Restaurant calls out reviewer.
byu/EvilSandman inquityourbullshit

7. Cut off for good reason.

Yeah, they’re legally required to do this. Because people can die.

Restaurant owner wasn’t having it.
byu/PmMeBeer inquityourbullshit

8. Howdy, neighbor!

Bad bad bad review… dumb dumb.

Local restaurant exposes a bad reviewer
by inquityourbullshit

9. Not a playground

Yeah, it’s a restaurant. Treat it as such.

OP thinks the taco joint is her kids playground
byu/bibyeidentity inquityourbullshit

10. Charging hard

Freedom campers have got to go! There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

A freedom camper gets shitty over the fact that a restaurant asks them to leave… After they’ve been charging their devices for three hours and bought several (read: two) beverages. Oh, and this is on Boxing Day – one of the restaurant’s busiest days.
byu/3789460947994 inquityourbullshit

11. You’re fired!

Haha… that’s one way to get back at a testy former employee.

This owner exposing their ex-employee
byu/DanyaBananya inquityourbullshit

12. Burn!

Like a fire in here!

Restaurant owner burns reviewer
byu/TDog81 inquityourbullshit

13. Gross!

Just ugh.

Lick a cake, get your ‘just desserts’!
byu/Leah8329 inquityourbullshit

14. How rude!

Come on people!

Woman leaves poor review on local restaurant, restaurant fires back
byu/lilgnat inquityourbullshit

Revenge is sweet, isn’t it? And sometimes karma actually does work out.

What do you think about these comebacks? Did the restaurant get the last laugh?

Let us know in the comments!

Thanks, fam!