15 Funny, Man-Roasting Tweets That Got Over 100K Likes

©Flickr,FS1 - Community TV Salzburg

Let’s just call it the battle of the sexes, okay?

Guys, we had it coming. You know how we can avoid this in the future? Stop acting like dummies!

And ladies, keep up the hilarious takedowns. We can all laugh at ourselves, right?

I think it’s safe to say the ladies came out on top this time.

1. That’s probably the case.

2. Not a good look.

3. That’s a lot of guys…

4. Not a chance!

5. Ouch…that hurts.

6. I’ve often wondered that myself.

7. And it shows…

8. Now, how does this work?

9. Is that wrong?

10. Keep your mouth shut.

11. Very, very true.

12. Gotta get that fully developed brain

13. Girls night.

14. A sad state of affairs.

15. Going way back for this one.

Oh ladies, you’ve done it again!

Share some of your sickest burns about men in the comments so we can keep the laughter going!