15 Hilarious Tweets About CBD

©Wikimedia Commons

It seems like every time I turn a corner these days, there’s a CBD shop staring me in the face.

Which I guess is a good thing because (apparently )it helps out a lot of people who have to deal with anxiety, depression, and other ailments.

And one thing is for sure: people seem to LOVE it.

Are you one of them? Enjoy these tweets.

1. What is this feeling?

2. Might’ve chilled him out.

3. Not gonna work this time.

4. Chill out, pooch!

5. Thanks, Gramps.

6. Not the greatest side effect.

7. Give it a shot.


9. I’m sure it’ll be here soon.

10. You’re canceled.

11. Do it together.

12. Listen, I’m gonna fill you in…

13. It’s different, you see…

14. Gonna leave a mark.

15. Yes, pretty much.

I might have to give this CBD thing a shot…all the kids are doing it!