20 of the Best ‘Terrible Maps’

Not all maps are created equal. Apparently, some aren’t even useful.

Like these beauties from Terrible Maps. They’re fun, sarcastic, and meant for your enjoyment!

Just don’t take them too seriously, okay?

1. A cat map

2. It is confusing…

3. It’s accurate

4. They like the sauce over there

5. That’s hurting my brain

6. Don’t see that very often

7. Ouch…

8. Sorry, Bosnia

9. Ayyyyy ooooooo!

10. Not a lot of water there

11. Lots o’ praying

12. A little perspective

13. Clever

14. Coincidence?

15. Which one are you in?

16. Might to time to move planets

17. Now that is good

18. Only Earthlings

19. Pretty much…

20. Let’s hope not

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